Rahul Gandhi Revealed, "I am a black belt in Aikido" And This Is How Twitter Is Reacting 

Recently, he also introduced Pidi Gandhi...

Rahul Gandhi Revealed,

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi recently revealed that he is a sport enthusiastic - he runs, swims, gyms and also holds a black belt in Japanese martial art Aikido.

Rahul made the revelation when boxer Vijender Singh quizzed him on the importance of sports in his life at the annual meet of the Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce. Vijender, who is an Olympics bronze medalist, observed that while he had seen MPs and MLAs cut ribbons at events, he'd yet to see a politician engaging in sports.

At this, Rahul had assured the boxer that he'd share a video or photo of him doing so on social media. Vijender had then remarked that people were used to seeing Rahul go toe-to-toe with political rivals in the Parliament, but if the Congress leader put out a video on his sporting activities, it would inspire others. 

Rahul Gandhi, 47, shows off his techniques.

Rahul Gandhi, 47, shows off his techniques.

Dressed in a traditional keikogi (uniform) with a black obi (belt) tied around his waist, Rahul shows off his technique in Aikido handholds and wrist grabs. The 47-year-old also succeeds in tossing his sparring partner to the mat, as seen in one of the photos.


According to him, he is interested in sports and physical activities.

According to him, he is interested in sports and physical activities.

Last week, the Gandhi scion had said that unlike other politicians, he takes a keen interest in sports and devotes an hour out of his busy schedule to some physical activity to stay fit.

"I do exercise -- running, swimming..."

Rahul said, "I do exercise -- running, swimming. I am a black belt in Aikido. I keep doing (sports) but I do not talk about it publicly. But in my life, sports has been, is, and will be, very necessary," according to The Times Of India.

His commitment to sports can be clearly seen.

His commitment to sports can be clearly seen.

The tweet seems aimed at dispelling doubts regarding Rahul's prowess in the Japanese martial art and show his commitment to sports.

Rahul Gandhi with Sensei Paritos Kar during one of the Aikido sessions.

Well, the Congress party's official Twitter handle on Wednesday retweeted photos of Rahul practicing Aikido with renowned instructor Paritos Kar. 

Here is how Twitter reacted to this...

Not just this, recently, Rahul Gandhi introduced his pet, Pidi Gandhi. This also gathered a huge attention by the public.

Meet Pidi Gandhi...

Meet Pidi Gandhi...

Pidi Gandhi gained rapid fame on Twitter on Sunday after Rahul Gandhi posted a video of his pet dog, crediting him with his recent rise in popularity on the social media site, a sarcastic comeback to detractors who have suggested that someone else has been tweeting for the Congress vice president.

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