Here Are Some Ultra Funny Tweets Of 2017 That Will Make You Bang Your Head

Which one is your favourite? 

Here Are Some Ultra Funny Tweets Of 2017 That Will Make You Bang Your Head

With so much happening on the internet, 2017 has become one hell of an entertaining year for all of us. Be is Omprakash's Sot, Dhinchak Pooja's new tracks or Kamlesh's Soluchan, everything has just made the meme game strong. While we are at it, we thought of raising the humour quotient some more. And, what better option do we have other than tweets? (Now they have extended their characters too :P)

Twitter is that one platform which guarantees a major chunk of humour to the audiences. 

So, here we present to you some of the hilarious tweets from the internet that will make you laugh as if you are having the best time of your life. 

NOTE: We do not intend to promote or mock anyone. The tweets have been used for fun and entertainment purpose only. 

When someone tried to infer meaning out of it!


It is obviously not real. But who cares? 

Jab satya vachano par vivaad hua!

When time and again you are reminded about such things. 

Tumhe dawa ki nahin dua ki zarurat hai! 

Prayers before parlours! What say? 

I can feel that pain...

If only Starbucks wat not that expensive. 

Pun intended! 

When Mallya turned into Tushar Kapoor. 

Nagar mein halle macha do!

That moment is priceless!

When pants sense something fishy!

Pant game strong. 

Modi's game is lit!

Modi Ji knows how to tackle every situation. 

Bahut hi umda pradarshan! 

When a legend praises you for your efforts... :P 

Is that what you meant? 

*And then there was no looking back*

Alia broke the code!

How can someone be so talented? 

Welcome to this exotic land.

Because you know where you stand! 

Totally getting the feels.

When Monday blues are on another level.

Zakir knew it all this time!

When your aukaat knows you better than you know yourself. 

Every girl who is afraid of cockroaches

Girls, do you agree? 

That's me, I know that! 

Not getting over this anytime soon. 

You can confirm it from Kamlesh... 

Khoon ki ultiyaan be like... 

That's all, people. 

I hope you had a big laugh reading these tweets!