Does Your Crush See You As A Friend Or Above It? 

What's your fate?

Does Your Crush See You As A Friend Or Above It? 

Well, this is probably going to be very interesting because almost everyone in this world wants to know whether the girl/boy who they have a crush on really likes them, or it's just the friendship. I know that you are excited to know about it because, if not, you wouldn't have been here. Don't worry we have sorted all the things and have created a set of questions that will reveal if your crush really likes you or not.

So, take the quiz and know what's your fate, but remember, no matter what's the answer, something great will always take place. Just don't lose the hope.

When they're with their friends and see you, they:


For how much time you two have been friends?

Do they look in your eyes when talking to you?

How often do you talk when not together?

Who starts the conversation?

Are your conversations with them interesting?

Is your crush already in a relationship?

Does your crush enjoy spending time with you?

Do your friends think that something might happen between you two?

Finally, do you think that they like you?