Jharkhand Girl Dies Of Hunger After Her Family's Ration Was Denied For No Linking With Aadhar Card

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Jharkhand Girl Dies Of Hunger After Her Family's Ration Was Denied For No Linking With Aadhar Card

In a shocking turn of events, an 11-year-old girl in Jharkhand lost her life to starvation last month. Activists who are now protesting against the reason that led to the death say that Santoshi Kumari had not been given anything to eat for four days as her family couldn't manage it. 

The girl's family belongs to one with a pretty weak financial condition and was apparently struck off the government welfare rolls for not linking their Ration Card with Aadhaar. 

The family had, in fact, not received any ration since February and was completely dependent on 'help' from other villagers and the mid-day meal Santoshi would get at her school. 


The trouble had actually started to invade the family soon after the Santoshi's school announced Durga Puja holidays from September 20th. The family ran out of the food stock soon after leading to Santoshi suffering from acute stomach ache. 

"The family was not receiving ration due to the government's mandate for Aadhaar seeding," said one of the activists. He added that that the family had Aadhaar cards but the seeding failed because of technical glitches.

The government officials are, however, saying that the kid died due to malaria. 


The activist went on to inform that the girl's father was unstable and was out of a job. Her mother and elder sister, 20, sold daatun to make their ends meet. The family's youngest men, an one-year-old son, received food from Angadbadi and the family shared it equally among all members. 


While the State Food and Public Distribution director Sunil Kumar Sinha said his team is investing the case and will come with a public statement after it is done, the local police commissioner refused to attend media's call for a statement.

The team said the family still lived in penury and slept empty stomach most days.