These Easy Methods Will Help You Find Out If Someone Is Stealing Your WiFi

Is your neighbour trying to trick you? 

These Easy Methods Will Help You Find Out If Someone Is Stealing Your WiFi

Having a Wi-Fi connection with a decent on-paper speed but never get a good real-time speed? Then the chances are you may have been sharing your Wi-Fi connection with someone else, they may be your neighbor or friend exploiting your Wi-Fi. 

Hacking a Wi-Fi connection has got way more simple nowadays with many tools available easily. The personal Wi-Fi system might generally don't have a great protection hence your not-so-coder neighbour can too get into your system. 

Well, the bandwidth is not the only thing you might be sharing, but they might have access to your personal data too. Because the device connected to a particular network can easily access the data of each other with a few tweaks here and there. 

So in this article, we are covering the methods to check the connected devices on your Wi-Fi. 

Hack or not!

Hack or not!

The first indication that somebody has access to your Wi-Fi network is the speed. If you are struggling with the speed irregularity, then it is the time to give a check.


Method 1: Router method.

Method 1: Router method.

Well, there are a couple of methods available to check the connected devices to your Wi-Fi, and the first one is Router Method.
Router method is the most secure and best way to check the connected devices. 

Steps included in the Router Method:

Steps included in the Router Method:

Step 1. Make sure you are connected to your Wi-Fi.
Step 2. Now go to from your web browser.

Step 3. If everything is fine, you must be prompted for User Name and Password. If nothing works, then just check for a login address on your router modem.

Step 4. As the Authentication windows pops-up, now you have to enter the User Name and Password. Most of the router comes with the following default settings:
User Name: admin

Password: admin

If the above credentials don't work, then you can again check the modem for the User Name and Password. 

Once logged in, You will see many options to tweak your Wi-Fi settings. Well not going on that path and just focusing on connected devices. Just find the Wireless> Wireless Statstics> MAC Address.

Here you will find the MAC Address of the connected devices.  

Now you can figure out the unknown MAC Address and block them. 

To block them, Wireless> Wireless Mac Filtering. 

Well, before blocking you must know the familiar MAC Address which will still enjoy the Wi-Fi. 

Here is the way to find out the MAC Address: 

For Windows: Open command prompt and type ipconfig/all 

This will show details of your MAC Address and IP Address. 

For Android: Go to the Settings>About Phone

Here you will find MAC Address. 

Method 2: Using Mobile app

Method 2: Using Mobile app

The router method may be so much to do in the one go, so here is another solution. There are tons of apps that allow the user to track the connected device. One of them is Fing, which allows the user to figure out the connected devices. This app is available on both Android and iOS. 

Method 3: Who is on My Wi-Fi Program.

Method 3: Who is on My Wi-Fi Program.

Who is on My Wi-Fi Program is an app for Mac users which can help in tracking the connected devices. The app also allows the user to tag and label particular device, so the user will know which device joins the Wi-Fi network. 

Method 4: Wireless Network Watcher Software.

Method 4: Wireless Network Watcher Software.

If you are not running on Windows, then Wireless Network Watcher Software will be helpful for you. The app shows the IP address, Mac Address, network card information and device name of all connected devices so that the user can separate the devices on the Wi-Fi network. 

I hope this article helped you. 

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