So Your Mom Is Cool With Tattoos Finally. But Can She Handle This?

The reaction is surprising!  

So Your Mom Is Cool With Tattoos Finally. But Can She Handle This?

When it comes to our mother, we are probably one of the most conflicted people on earth. For, even as our mom's spoil us silly with their home cooked food and pampering, they can also be some of the most ferociously adamant people to please, when it comes to a big decision.

So can't live without them, but definitely, can't do everything you want when they are in range. But change is surely afoot. If you haven't seen the ads showing moms going out shopping with their adult children, or even telling being on first name terms, you haven't missed much. Because these ads probably reflect the amazing way our mom's are adjusting to the new reality of growing up fast.

Like this mom for the Canon DSLR camera ad. Her son has come for a visit during the festive season, with his wife along. The wife has just done something to her appearance, and even she is unsure of how the mother will react, so she tries to cover it demurely.

The Mom's reaction, when she spots what would have been a shocking move by the son's wife is priceless. Making the picture of them together, priceless in more ways than one.

Watch the video!


See? However far you go from your family, you'll always be in their hearts.

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