Aussie Journalist Insults Indian Map & Virat Kohli And Gets Bashed On Twitter 

Lesson learnt: You never mess with Indians.

Aussie Journalist Insults Indian Map & Virat Kohli And Gets Bashed On Twitter 

India and Australia are quite familiar with each other, aren't they? Over the years the two nations have been involved in a lot of battles and we all know that familiarity breeds contempt, right? And whenever India faces Australia, there's contempt in abundance. 

There's the infamous Steve Smith and Virat Kohli fight, the Harbhajan Singh controversy and the urban myth that Adam Gilchrist used spring in his bat during the 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup finals, the list goes on and on and now there's another element to add to the list. 

Meet this guy. 

Meet this guy. 

Losstralia which goes by the Twitter handle @DennisCricket_ doesn't let India off the hook, does he? And clearly, he isn't quite fond of Indian cricket. For starters, there's the description which indicates that and it not, the cover Image also signifies the same. He's known to tweet quite some anti-Indian stuff but this time, he raised the stakes.


He tweeted this.

He compared the map of India with an underwear. Perhaps he forgot that how merciless the Indian Twitterattis can be and Indians felt no remorse in getting back to him.

Hmm, does it seem familiar? 

There's an uncanny resemblance that of poop and the Australian map. Maybe mother nature loves Australia. 

Kejri troll account pitched in too.

The torn underwear really looks like the map of Australia, however, we're surprised that he didn't find a way to blame BJP for this. 

Well, here's the answer.

So it really was Steve Smith who wanted the extra undies. Well, when you piss off Kohli and get attacked by MC, BC bombs, we'll pee our pants too.


Their India trip doesn't seem fruitful, better look for other sources of food. 

TBH, Australia looks exactly like that! 

There can be a cartoon made based on Australia's map, couldn't it?

It's actually quite accurate. 

So what's your comeback Mr Dennis. 

Not the first time he tried to troll India.

In our defense, the sweepers are quite good at whitewashing, aren't they? 

People have short memories.

Sorry we had to involve you James, but this was coming. 

He keeps firing shots below the belt. 

He came up with the image of this series which was a long time ago, an entirely different team altogether. We Indians didn't forget to remind him too. 

The perfect reply. 

The perfect reply. 

Moral of the story: You never ever mess with Indians on twitter.

A very valid question.

Even I'd love to have a blue tick in front of my name. Twitter, are you watching? 

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