This Famous Bollywood Actress Turns Into Anil Kapoor And Shows Her Hairy Chest 

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This Famous Bollywood Actress Turns Into Anil Kapoor And Shows Her Hairy Chest 

Do you remember the golden days of Bollywood when having hair on the body was not a big deal at all? Believe me, when I say this, every actress yearns for that phase now. 

These days having hair on the body is considered to be one of the grossest things. Why can't it just be as normal as having hair on one's head? We all must accept our shortcomings and be comfortable in our skin. Today, a story about this famous Bollywood actress has been taking rounds on the internet for cross dressing and flaunting her hairy chest. Personally, I think even if it started on a funny note, this step is trying to break a stereotype that women can flaunt their hair the way most men do. 

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The Lip Sing Battle. 


According to Hindustan Times, Raveena Tandon visited Farah Khan, and Ayushman Khurana accompanied her for the episode. Farah shared a few pictures that took the internet by storm. 

Watch them as you read the entire story. 

Something unexpected happened... 


Raveena started getting ready for something that will shock and make everyone laugh, both at the same time. 

She cross-dressed as none other than... 


Ha-ha, the makeup looks so on point. The actress visited Farah for her new episode of Lip Sing Battle, but apart from her red shirt and moustache something else grabbed more attention. 

What is it? See in the next picture. 

The USP was the chest hair.

The USP was the chest hair.

The humongous amount of body hair that Raveena had in the picture grabbed more attention, and it made everyone have a big laugh. But, do you understand the motive behind it? It is to make people aware of being comfortable in their own skin and never feel insecure about anything that tries to pull you down.

Kudos, Raveena! I heart you for doing this. 

Farah shared the image.

Farah Khan shared the image on her Twitter account with a caption that says: 

"GUESS Who??! Taking #LipSingBattle to another level!! Epic episode!!"

Want to see more images of Raveena Tandon? We have everything in store for you.

Isn't she reflecting radiance? 


Raveena is often regarded as the mast-mast girl of Bollywood after her song "Tu cheez badi hai mast mast" was released. We are happy to note the fact that she has politely disagreed to age with the passage of time. 

Can I just stare at her for the rest of my life? 


Duh? I'm straight.

But, I just can't take my eyes off this beauty. 

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