A Journalist Raised Her Voice On The Gruesome Death Of Gauri Lankesh, And We Totally Support Her!

She needs to be appreciated and applauded for!  

A Journalist Raised Her Voice On The Gruesome Death Of Gauri Lankesh, And We Totally Support Her!

Not interestingly, Bharatiya Janata Party's reactions to a shocking occasion have included judgment from clergymen in government even as others from inside the gathering and its base attempt to legitimize the real occasions. The exasperating homicide of presumed columnist Gauri Lankesh outside her home in Bengaluru on Tuesday incited a scope of responses from the BJP's senior initiative. 

On Wednesday morning, Union pastors like Smriti Irani were putting forth clear judgment of the killing. By evening, Union Minister Ananth Kumar was accusing the Congress government in Karnataka for allowing such brutality. Yet, even as these pioneers were talking against Lankesh's demise, Right-Wing supporters were putting forth avocations for the rumored columnist's murder.

The untimely death of the senior journalist was mourned by thousands but trolls on the online networking stage proposed Lankesh got what she merited and addressed why the Karnataka government gave her a state memorial service. Some likewise scrutinized the "complaint" over the challenges that were held the nation over against her executing.

One young journalist raised her voice against the entire issue when the Republic TV put up some shame worthy tweet on its Twitter Handle. 

Meet Sumana Nandy!

Meet Sumana Nandy!

Sumana Nandy is a young journalist who hails from Kolkata and currently lives in New Delhi. She, as a journalist herself, was devastated and sad about the horrid death of the renowned senior journalist Gauri Lankesh, when three men on a bike just drove in front of her home and shot her in cold blood. The entire nation had watched this hideous crime, where some found it extremely disturbing, while other rejoiced about it. Twitter saw how people communicated bliss and offered supports for Lankesh's murder.


"An 'independent' news organization is now batting for a rogue government"

Republic TV is an Indian English-dialect news TV station. The news channel communicates from its studios in Mumbai and Bangalore. Made by Arnab Goswami, it was propelled on 6 May 2017.

This is what the official Twitter handle of the news facility had to say on the heinous murder of Lankesh. When Sumana came across this, she had lost it and decided to take it over the social media and share her thoughts. 

As she herself says, she associated with the Republic TV but would never want to get associated with them ever again or even mention that on her resume, we clearly can contemplate something fishy there. 

Her Facebook post received a lot of attention 

Her Facebook post received a lot of attention 

It has been shared almost 2,000 times and has received plenty of appreciative comments. Read the comments. 

She earlier shared this on her Facebook timeline.

If you scroll through her profile on Facebook, you'd find a lot of posts and articles that she had shared regarding the demise of one of the greatest minds of this country but after the Republic TV did what it did, she probably had had enough as a journalist and decided to express her views on the same. 

We totally support Sumana, do you?!

She's in a much better place 

She's in a much better place 

We don't know what is wrong with the world but all we know and hope is that, as Sumana said, you're probably in a much, much better place than this planet. How do people gain enough audacity to just kill someone and live with that sort of wrong doing for their entire lives? 

We hope and pray that your soul rests in peace. Our condolences are with the family of Gauri Lankesh, if only we could make it any better!  

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