An Open Letter To My First Boss For Being The Best Teacher Of My Life

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An Open Letter To My First Boss For Being The Best Teacher Of My Life

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." - Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu.

Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu or you may know her as Mother Teresa, dedicated all her life to people of the country, she wasn't even born in.

Just like Mother Teresa, there's Maya Angelou, whose life work was deeply rooted in her love for others. To millions of people around the world, she is a precious guiding light, like a moon in the darkness. And just like these two, I found the light whose firmest intentions in life was [is] to be a rainbow in someone else's life. 

How often do we come across such people in life? Not often, you agree.

As I feel blessed to have her, I am writing this letter to thank my first boss, the Editor in Chief at WittyFeed, Leena; and to all of those who believed in my capabilities, trusted me with the responsibilities and taught me all the hard-learned lessons of their life at my comfort.

Here comes the Boss!


One of the greatest gifts you can receive in your life is the relationship, understanding, support, trust, and love. Someone who's there for you unconditionally, someone who celebrates your victories as theirs, someone who makes your dream as their dreams and treats them with grace and humbleness.

With all of these, you're not just my boss but the reason I wake up every day in the morning with a smiling face to take new challenges, to set new milestones.

You're an alarm that reminds me every time; I am here to rise above all the failures, all the criticism and above all the struggles to lead a life which is worthy enough to be remembered.

Being a lovely boss, you taught me that even an ounce of a little less effort in anything I do is an insult to all of those who ever believed in me. You taught me how magical it is to surrender yourself by putting all of your heart into something.

The last one year of my life, which is also a year that I completed at WittyFeed, you've been a constructive part of it. 

I still remember the words 'make me feel proud' which you had said when I joined, as they still play over and over again in my head every day. 

You're an inspiration to many, a real example of how to lead from the front. If there's anything this world needs the most at this hour, it's leaders like you; because you inspired me to inspire.

Thank you, thank you for being kind, selfless, harsh at times, thank you for encouraging me, teaching me to push my limits, and doing everything in between the Earth and Sky for making me what I am today. And it's not just me, but many people feel the same about you. 

Thank you for everything!

Founders of WittyFeed, Parveen Singhal, Vinay Singhal and Shashank Vaishnav.

Founders of WittyFeed, Parveen Singhal, Vinay Singhal and Shashank Vaishnav.

Okay, so I'll not bore you like a stupid station so you may follow me 24x7, as I'm here just to share what I have deep inside my InnerVoice because that's how evrystory starts.

"Fall eight times, stand up nine," these lines from the film Rocky defines and sums up almost everything about the three founders and one of the Amazing Things in the World which they've built, WittyFeed.

So obviously, whatever I said above couldn't have been possible, all the learning, all the fame, all the glory, all the respect, nothing would've been possible if these three were not the way they are. And no amount of words can describe how blessed each one of us at WittyFeed feels to have found you guys. Couldn't say more than, Dudes, we salute you! Take a bow.

A brother from another mother.

So after Leena and Founders, if there's anyone else, it'll be this guy. Wondering how did he inspire? Well, he shows you by doing it. This guy has been promoted more than seven times in just two years, what else you need for the inspiration!

All I want to say is...

WittyFeed is not a job, it's a way of life!

Apart from the names mentioned here, every individual from every single department has been a source of inspiration in one way or the other (including the ones who're not part of this journey anymore). I believe if you're eager to learn, then you can learn from anything and anyone. Even a still wall.

So once again, Happy Teachers Day and be grateful if you're surrounded by people who believe your success is their success. Work hard and give the best shot, there are no re-takes in life and scenes keep changing.

That's all, folks!