Disha, Shahid, Parineeti Are Kicking Some Ass In These Videos Which Are Nothing LIKE Anything You've Seen Before!

What are these celebs upto?

Disha, Shahid, Parineeti Are Kicking Some Ass In These Videos Which Are Nothing LIKE Anything You've Seen Before!

With the world moving faster than ever before and engineering science taking over every humanly possible oeuvre, I don't know if I should be scared or happy! Is it a boon or end of the world? 

As of now, all I know is that the Google Play Store has more than 3 million registered applications on it for the worldwide population to use and the turn is only increasing! Each and every day as you wake up, you will find a new sensation over the internet that the humans would be going crazy over! A trend, a challenge, an app, a game, a celebrity, as a subject of fact, anything and everything! 

After Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, we now have something very distinctive, and idiosyncratic in nature. Divergent is what the reality runs after, no one likes the everyday drilling and conventional shit. And so, LIKE is here to our rescue, and also at our leisure. 

Here is how LIKE works and how celebrities are going totally looney over it!

The LIKE app

The LIKE app

With the LIKE application, you can easily make music videos that would be enriched with magical effects and could be shared with your friends over any social media platform. It also lets you submit your LIKE video in order to get featured and be seen by the LIKE community. How this app discerns a difference is that it offers something that was earlier very far fetched and unimaginable for the common man: Sci-fi and 3D Magical Effects. With this app, you can now make videos that would enable us to experience 3D effects of reappearing, vanishing, gulliver travel and much more that was previously only seen on big screens! 

It comes with so many cool features and amazing up shots that have made video picture making so much easy and hassle free. People, you gotta check it out! 


3D Magical Effects 

3D Magical Effects 

Before the inception of LIKE, we only understood the meaning of 3-D once we moved to theatres and watched 3-D movies with those huge glasses on, in commonality. But now, you can free yourself out of the video skeletal system easily! Make your video a blockbuster with 12 kinds of 3D magic effects such as Rocket,  Fly, Minify, Zoom, etc. 

Create marvelous videos with magic effects

Create marvelous videos with magic effects

Easily make impressive videos or edit videos from your camera roll with effects like Laser Eye, Ice Butterfly, Heart, Frozen, etc. And with their amazing mixed effects like Dazzled, 2 mirrors etc., you can transform your daily moments into creative videos anytime!

Lip sync and Fun Community 

Lip sync and Fun Community 

Never miss the chance to use your favorite music to make fun lip sync videos with their music library of all genres. Also, their automatic beauty effects you can get a glowing appearance anywhere and anytime! Super, right?

With their Fun Community, you can discover the best LIKE videos and make the coolest new friends from there! What a cool way to make new friends, ain't it?

The Buzz

The Buzz

LIKE has created a buzz no less than Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram for that matter! They have just crossed over 1 million downloads on the App Store and the Google Play Store. The element that they are bringing to the social community had been missing and they happen to hit the right note at the right time! 

And not just that, even celebrities have been going crazy after this application! 

Don't believe me? Check out for your self! 

Parineeti Chopra 

Parineeti with her charisma and panache, giving a tough time to those magical effects as well! 

Shahid Kapoor 

Shahid, as always is the dopiest and the coolest actor you'll see, is nailing here as well!

Sonakshi Sinha 

Sonakshi, puts the dance floor on fire with her curves and some striking dance moves!

Arjun Kapoor 

Wait for it, Arjun is going to be legen.....dary!

Kajal Aggarwal 

Kajal, shaking it up on Ed Sheeran's Love With The Shape Of You! Waiting to see Disha Patani's moves? Don't worry, we got her for you, click here!

Here's our very own Disha Patani. 

With LIKE app, she believes, she has magical power! 

How to apply fly superpower 3D effects, watch here!

So, do you have LIKE already? If not what are you waiting for?

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