Heart Warming Stories Of How Mumbai Came Out To Help People During Floods 

The images will make you emotional!

Heart Warming Stories Of How Mumbai Came Out To Help People During Floods 

The rains made life miserable for those who got stuck on railway platforms and on roads with a knee to waist deep waters. Basic amenities were hampered. There was prayer on everyone's mouth that they should reach home safe. Finally, their prayers were heard as the help arrived.

Mumbaikars came out and offered help to people in every possible way. From providing shelter and food to helping them get back to their destinations safely. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp were used to help those who were stuck in floods. The social media posts also revealed how Mumbai turned a good Samaritan.  

On social media, people shared the possible places where it was safe to stay and have food and water. A series of hashtags such as #mumbaifloods #staysafemumbai and #mumbairains went viral as the help poured in. 

Have a look at images below, which speak a lot about Mumbaikars' spirits.     

There were updates about places where they could take shelter. 

There were updates about places where they could take shelter. 

A lot of people shared details about various places available for them to stay near the flood affected area.  


Nowhere to go? My house welcomes you.

Nowhere to go? My house welcomes you.

Some even asked the people stuck in the traffic or rains to come to their houses nearby to stay till the rain slowed down. 

This welcoming gesture just made me smile. You people are so helpful!     

A helping hand.

The Mumbai Janta was nowhere behind in coming out on the roads to reach out to people who were stuck and were desperately waiting for someone. 

Huge respect for you guys.  

Because not only humans live on earth. 

This picture is a proof that the world is a home and every living creature shares a bond with others, which can never be broken.    

Mumbaikars, you are everyone's heroes.

You know the definition of good Samaritans? Look at these people and they will tell you what humans are capable of. 

The Mumbai police deserve applaud. 

A lot of tweets flowed in from the various social accounts of the Mumbai police trying to reach out to as many people as possible. The citizens also appreciated the efforts of police team and made a point to let them know how well they were doing.   

Gurudwaras had their langars ready.

During the heavy downpour and the situation of floods, the Gurudwaras were always ready to serve people. People irrespective of their identity came to take shelter where they were served fresh food. 

Such communal harmony is worth emulating.   

Details were given on time.

Amidst the flood and worsening situations, the authorities issued several helpline numbers for people who were stuck or ill or couldn't find something or someone whom they could contact.   

Tweets that were spreading relief.

Thousands of residents opened their homes to strangers who were stuck in the rain-hit city. The platform was filled with tweets on #RainHosts. It had over 6,000 tweets.   

Hop in people! Someone is there to rescue.

The time when citizens took the initiative to help out fellow Mumbaikars. They offered car rides and car pools in the affected areas. These posters were one of the ways through which people connected their fellow members.   

The Bohra community was another example.  

The Bohra community also offered food and shelter to people who found it difficult to get back home.  

They might be less in number but their hearts were too big. 

They were there all the time struggling and lending all possible help.  

We are in the same place but we are one.

This video is an inspiration to all of us. Even when half in the water, these people arranged tea and snacks for people. 

Seeing so much love is making me cry.  

Humanity doesn't differentiate. 


I have no words to express for this photo. This is what humanity is all about. 

A big bow to the Navy.

The Naval forces have once again proved that they are the pride of our country. 

Day ho ya night we are by your side!

Day ho ya night we are by your side!

The police stood by people and helped them to get out of the mess as fast as possible.   

The time when a cancer patient was stuck in the traffic. 

The time when a cancer patient was stuck in the traffic. 

The man and his family stuck in the traffic shared his feeling of helplessness on Facebook and soon it was all over the internet and a lot of people offered help.    

They also had something to offer. 


Various transport companies came out to help citizens. 

So touching, ain't they? It is the city that never sleeps, the city who is the heart of India and also the city who has time again proved that love and harmony can beat all the difficulties.  

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Has Mumbai amply revealed its humane side?