"Leaving home and living miles and miles away is painful but..."

Life is not easy, but beautiful.


How many of you are staying far from home for job/study purpose? I guess, many.

Today, I am telling you the story of my younger sister Sona, who lives in China. It's actually not her story, it's the story of many of us who are studying/doing job in the city/country miles away from the hometown. Sona through WittyFeed wanted to share with you all about how it feels to live in the place with a different culture and tradition.

Here you read her tale in her own words:

On 3rd September 2015; destiny gripped my life into a suitcase, and made me leave my sweet home. It was the first time that I left my home ever.

Life turned 360 degrees then. I was excited and scared at the same time. Dozens of thoughts kept on striking my mind all the way. I was not being able to forget the warm hug mom gave me at the airport. Miles and miles away, new hope, dreams and adventures were waiting for me.

China seemed to be totally a different place than Nepal. New place, new people, new culture, new language, new food etc… I was stuck in all this, confused... 

I am still struggling to wake up myself early in the morning. Mom is not here to call me standing beside my bed, whispering 'get up'... But I have no option. I can understand many of you reading me here can relate to this.


I am a vegetarian. When I reached China, food became one of the most difficulties. What to eat in lunch and dinner became one of my very concerned stuff each day. It's very very hard to find pure veg restaurants/cafes here. Now, every single day, I remember the food mom cooked at home and how I used to keep nagging for the choices. Sorry mommy, I will eat whatever you cook, without any complaints. 

I can understand, you guys also miss home-food.

Learning a distinct language can be amusing, but it's evenly troublesome to interact with peers with absolutely different cultures. Initially Chinese language made me so, so very confused. I found it funny until I learnt it. I had no option for not-to-learn it. In these two years, I learnt the basics and I can speak it while I go for shopping etc. And, one of my dearest Bee is here to make me feel that I have started loving this language. But still, I miss gossiping in Nepali.

No doubt, we can all admit to that friends are ever awesome. Genuinely a friend cherishes hanging out, every little thing to share, shopping, movies, staying home doing nothing together are just amazing moments we all love. It is okay to face new people and form a new bonding in new places, but you will be confined with only Hi and Hello and spinning under the agony of being away from your hometown's friends and just envying to get back together with old friends to catch up, vent, hang out. My husband Birendra, my friends Chandni, Bee and others are here to help me dilute those home-memories.

Believe it or not, when you are far from your home land, you'll start and end up missing your family the most as I do. Staying away from home is always painful. Nonetheless, you'll nevermore arise if you don't stir yourself out of your convenience zone.

I should put an end here to my story for now. Thank you for listening to me. Bye!

Last but not the least, here you see some cool pictures of Sona.

Last but not the least, here you see some cool pictures of Sona.

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