15 Illustrations That Depict The Reality Of Indian Society

Meet this fine quality potato!      

15 Illustrations That Depict The Reality Of Indian Society

Mounica Tata hails from Bengaluru and is a cartoonist and illustrator. She completed her graduation from Christ College and worked as an accounts manager. She was actively involved in creating content for websites, video scripting and shooting for offline marketing activities, and doodling.  

This is what one of her friends said on LinkedIn: "A fun person who does the work given at the right time and also a person who makes a lot of sense while working with. Her doodles are the best, and she can use this as an advantage in many places."  

This cartoonist captures the harsh realities and humorous aspects of Indian lives. She also created her own brand DoodleoDrama which is massively followed on various social media platforms due to whacky and humorous portrayals. 

We bring to you a few of her amazing illustrations that will make you look twice and think if they're even real?

1. The one with 'Childhood Week Poster'.

Mounica's illustrations

Remember those moments when you completely changed the look of your brand new toy? Mounica has curated this illustration as a remembrance to those moments.  


2. The one with 'Little Things'.

Mounica's illustrations

Her decent reminder to everyone. Isn't it inspirational?

3. The one with 'Little Heart'.

Mounica's illustrations

This one is dedicated to all those people who survive a Monday morning without complaining.   

4. The one for 'Rakshabandhan'.

Mounica's illustrations

Mounica Tata curated this one for all those wrestling matches that you had with your brother. 

Tag your brother to remind him of those fights.   

5. The one with a 'Social Message'.

Mounica's illustrations

Is marital rape a myth?

Well, not many women know that they are being raped by their husbands. This is to educate them that they need to take a stand for what's wrong.  

6. The one with a 'Life Hack'.

Mounica's illustrations

If clothes don't stink they're not dirty. Not for all tea in China.

7. The one with 'Foodgasm'.

Mounica's illustrations

Every guy will relate to this one, most girls would choose gol gappa over anything in this world.

8. The one with 'Healthy Meals'.

Mounica's illustrations

Enjoy your healthy meals with some garnished advice, which most of the time is senseless.  

9. The one with 'Periods'.

Mounica's illustrations

TV and advertisements have surely stereotyped menstruation and its do's and don'ts for us. Mounica has again raised a social cause that most women are a victim of but never speak.   

10. The one with 'Compliments'.

Mounica's illustrations

Haha. I could personally relate to this one. If you are someone who gets thoughtlessly irresolute when someone compliments you, then this one is for you.     

11. The one with Freelancer.

Mounica's illustrations

Every freelancer's life in four panels. 

Tag your freelancer friend here. 

12. The one with 'Curd and Rice'.

Mounica's illustrations

If you are an insane foodie, this illustration is meant for you.

13. The one where every girl becomes 'Arya'.

Mounica's illustrations

Remember how Arya was trolled everywhere for using this line?
DoodleoDrama also didn't miss a chance to bring this to everyone's notice.

14. The one with 'Sanitary Pads'.

Mounica's illustrations

If pads could advertise about their qualities and Unique Selling Proposition (USP).    

15. The one with 'Mommy the Great'.

Mounica's illustrations

When moms act clever to know things that they don't know. 

That's all, people!

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