Mahatma Gandhi's Great Grand Daughter Is Ruling The Internet With Her Glamorous Look

Medha is a comedy writer and producer.      

Mahatma Gandhi's Great Grand Daughter Is Ruling The Internet With Her Glamorous Look

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, also called as Bapu played a vital role in making India an independent nation. 

His teachings and lessons are still followed in different parts of the world. He taught us the meaning of nonviolence, peace and humanity. 

Though we have been reading and learning about Bapu since our childhood, there are many unknown facts about him, which people don't know. Like a fact about his children and grand children. Mahatma Gandhi's children and grand children live in India and abroad. 

Since we are talking about Bapu's family, let me introduce you to his great grand daughter. She is often seen in media for her glamorous looks and lifestyle. Let's know about Mahatma Gandhi's family.    

154 offsprings

Mahatma Gandhi's family

Get ready for a shocker. You may not know, but Mahatma Gandhi's 154 descendants live in 6 different nations other than India. His son Harilal's son Kantilal is also among these.  


Family lives in America

Mahatma Gandhi's family

After Independence, Kantilal and his whole family settled in America. In this picture, you can see the pictures of Kantilal and his daughter. Now let me introduce you to Mahatma Gandhi's great grand daughter who is making headlines.   

Medha Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi's family

Mahatma Gandhi's great grand daughter and Kantilal Gandhi's daughter is Medha Gandhi. She is raised in America. 

She hogs headlines because of her glamorous life

Mahatma Gandhi's family

Medha lives in America with her family. She is not just famous for being the great grand daughter of Mahatma Gandhi, but it's her glamorous lifestyle that adds to bulletins. 

She is a comedy writer and parody producer

Mahatma Gandhi's family

She has created her identity as a comedy writer and parody producer. She is also known for her vocal talents.    

A producer

Mahatma Gandhi's family

One of the most famous shows in Ohio, US, is the 'Dave and Show'. This is produced by Medha. She has produced many other shows as well.   

Current status

Mahatma Gandhi's family

After getting the education from an American university, Medha is busy building her career as a producer. Her recent show is 'Matty In The Morning Show'.  

Active on social media

Mahatma Gandhi's family

Medha is active on social media as she keeps her fans updated about her life. She also posts pictures with her friends and family on social media. 

She has many followers on Instagram

Mahatma Gandhi's family

Medha has more than 52K followers on her Instagram account, 'babyhotsauce'. It is her fascinating lifestyle that has attracted many people from around the globe.    

Seen at social events 

Mahatma Gandhi's family

She lives a modern and glamorous life. This is the reason she is seen in many social events.
Image source: Instagram

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