Your Favourite Brand's Amazing Facts That Are Totally A Shocker

This Independence Day Bajaj Electricals website turned 20! And to celebrate these 20 years of Bajaj Electricals' glory, name and fame, know what they're up to!

Your Favourite Brand's Amazing Facts That Are Totally A Shocker

All of us have heard the name Bajaj, haven't we? Bajaj Electricals Limited (BEL), as we all know is a pre-eminent company that has over the years brought in very many innovative electrical appliances in the market. The products that they have developed over the years have spoken for themselves and even their website proved that they have always laid conjecture in enhancing the quality of life and bringing happiness with sustainability. 

So what exactly is the story behind Bajaj Electricals Limited being the prodigy in its field? Why do you think they have reached where they are today?

Back in 1997, even when the prominent search browser Google was nowhere on the face internet, was launched, which proves how they understood the evolution of E-Commerce even before its inception. 

And they did not stop there! When E-Commerce giants didn't even exist, Bajaj had its own E-Commerce platform. While E-Retail was just incepted in the market and no one really knew or understood what it was, the was already integrated with Oracle ERP which enabled them to present live stocks and prices of their products. 

This Independence Day, the website turned 20 and how! The website is now better than the best with utter clarity and precision for an exceptional user experience. The wide new product range that is unmatchable is going to make the users crave for more.

Check out the video attached below and get ready to see a better, brighter and much more efficient Bajaj Electricals website, build with innovation, precision, and smart engineering. 

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The website just celebrated its birthday and we can not thank anymore for giving us every innovative product that we needed during these years.