This Policeman Managing Traffic In Heavy Rains Is A Perception Changer (Video)

Duty, above all!

This Policeman Managing Traffic In Heavy Rains Is A Perception Changer (Video)

"Perform your obligatory duty, because the action is indeed better than inaction."- The Bhagavad Gita

Performing one's duties is the very first purpose of the human life. Most of us do fulfil this purpose and also exercise our rights. As a human being, we have duties and rights, too. The moment we perform our duties, we get to exercise our rights. 

This video of a Delhi policeman, performing his duty, even in the heavy rains is a simple reminder that all of us must and have to perform our duties, however adverse the conditions maybe. The Facebook post by the advocate, Mankan Bammi is a testimony of the sincerity and dedication to perform one's job, despite all odds. We must own up for the jobs that we do and do them out of our wish.

Most important of all, there is a clear message to deliver and to uphold duty above anything else. Get your dose of inspo for the day here.

This Facebook post is going to be a change of perception for you.


All policemen are there to help you, and they love to perform their duties.

Here is the conscientious traffic policeman who is standing tall in the face of heavy Delhi rains and...

Facilitating the traffic, helping the common man to pave his way through the jam.

Hats off to his spirits!

He has proved that efforts are all you need to prove your worth.

*Respect quadrupled*

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