After 60 Years DD Plans To Change The Logo And This Is How Indians React To It

Change is the only constant.

After 60 Years DD Plans To Change The Logo And This Is How Indians React To It

Doordarshan, the name on its own flourishes the minds of people with all those memories of childhood. Those days when we used to sit for hours watching television and spending our days. With the changing time, everything changed on Doordarshan. From the content of the channel to the kind of shows, there was a big variation.

Every change was accepted by 'Doordarshan' fans but recently, the officials gave a major heartbreak to their audience by giving the information about the change in the logo. So as to meet up with the challenges of young generation trends, Doordarshan officials decided to change the logo which has been there since 1959. 

With a tweet on 24 July 2017, Shashi Shekhar gave the information about the change in logo and announced a logo design contest. Through this contest, any person all over the country could change the logo design.The change in identity made the rejuvenation of memories provoking people to talk about it on different social media platforms.

Let us have a look what different people had to say about this change in logo.

The iconic logo

The iconic logo

The iconic logo of Doordarshan symbolises the human eye which would soon be a thing of the past as broadcasters decided to change the logo to develop a connection with the youth while keeping the sentiments with the logo preserved. 


Tweet by broadcasters about the change in logo.

Shashi Shekhar gave information about the variation in the logo and also announced the logo design contest. According to this contest, any person around the world could design the logo.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Many people around the world gave reactions on this announcement. One man probably someone protecting the 'Dharma' replied to the tweet mentioning that the logo should not be changed.

The extra advice

Some people created confusion with their tweets that whether they are in favour of the change or oppose it. He stated that the content should be changed rather than changing the logo.

Memories forced for a refusal to the change

All over the country, the news went viral to a high extent and led to different sort of comments and activity regarding the tweet.

More pleadings and request

People even protested against the logo change and called out for different reasons like change in content is more important rather than the logo. They even gave a hashtag of #leavethelogoalone. 

The serious protest

Filter coffee expressed their denial towards this by tweeting about saving precious entities. They gave a serious explanation to it by mentioning the entities they saved and now what they are up to.

The 'Deshbhakt' 

More patriotism was portrayed by this man then he would have shown in India vs Pakistan match. Such feedbacks made me realise 'Doordarshan' is more than just a state owned broadcaster.

Even Ayushmann could not stop himself

Ayushmann Khurrana, a popular Bollywood actor also showed his emotional attachment and expressed his denial towards the change of the logo.

NID is all set to work 

National Institute of Design (NID) would be responsible for changing the logo and tweeted about it. The tweet portraits a series of logos and people were asked to guess which one represents which organisation.

Nostalgic expressions

Social platforms continued to get more and more feedbacks from all over the country, everyone expressed their love for 'Dordardarshan'. Memories created a nostalgic platform over the media with some amazing tweets about the channel, shows and also the logo change. 

Do you want to see a new Doordarshan logo?