12 Entertaining Moments From IIFA 2017 That You Just Can't Handle Without Laughing

This will make you say, well, WTF! 

12 Entertaining Moments From IIFA 2017 That You Just Can't Handle Without Laughing

International Indian Film Academy Awards or IIFA has always been the most awaited moment for our Bollywood celebs, and also for the audience. The trending fashion goals to all sort of entertaining events, IIFA compiles of everything. It is like a big fat Bollywood party for the celebrities.

Apart from appreciating the best Bollywood personalities and movies, many unusual events are always a 'ye to hona hi hai' kind of thing on IIFA. Hilarious events, cute moments and some legendary memories are different aspects of this beautiful and big event.

18th IIFA awards were held on July 16 in New Jersey, co-hosted by Karan Johar and Saif Ali Khan. It was telecast on Colors T.V. and many esteemed Bollywood personalities were spotted in the event.

So when we have all Bollywood celebrities under one roof, some jaw-dropping moments are always like a cherry on the cake for the audience especially.

Host Karan Johar and Saif Ali Khan gave some weird rules for the event.


Saif Ali Khan and Karan Johar, this combination was in the limelight this time. From their nepotism promotion to their feminist jokes, everything was enough to make people burst into laughter.

Saif Ali Khan starred the event with a joke which was 'not actually a joke'. He said, 'We have some rules tonight, we won't be making jokes on female protagonist  and female-led-movies because it might seem sexist.' Okay, Saif! It was a good try but I actually want to ask 'WHY'.

Kangana Ranaut 'trolled'

Kangana Ranaut 'trolled'

Kangna Ranaut has been in the news for her nepotism statements and many celebrities ended up giving some rebellious replies to her.
So how can IIFA stay behind in giving some hilarious regards to Kangana Ranaut? The ace ended up singing "Bole chudiyan, Bole Kangana" and understanding the taunting, Karan replied to it, "Wo na hi bole to acha hai", Karan and Varun Dhawan trolled Kangana for her nepotism controversy and they followed the trend of 'we leaving no one' throughout the show.

Nepotism rocks

According to NDTV times, something more was steaming among the three when they finally came up with flaunting or I should say trying their best to create humour with their star kid privilege. Imagining the three chanting is what made me laugh more than the joke that actually cracked (often happens). Well, coming back to the joke,

Karan- "Varun you think you get movies because of your talent?"

Saif- "I think you get them because of your papa."

Varun- "And I think you get them because of your mumma."

Karan- "And whatever I am in this industry because of my papa.''

This was so hilarious that I forgot to laugh. They took nepotism to next level and converted into a tasteless chant.

Kangana, my sympathy is with you but sorry you have been trolled af.

IIFA took 'duplicate' too seriously 

IIFA took 'duplicate' too seriously 

Technical and errors during a live telecast are not welcomed instead it becomes a big controversial moment for all. Katrina Kaif again became a part of the list as she was seen acting as 'judwaa' in the event. When Katrina was called for giving an award, by mistake she was spotted at two places at the same time. This was the most careless part from editor's side and hence was one of the biggest controversial instances of IIFA 2017, as stated by Indian Express.

Katrina took 'Border' movie too seriously

Dance acts had always been an amazing piece of IIFA awards. Celebs give their best performance and enjoy to the fullest. The Kamli girl, Katrina Kaif also performed in IIFA awards and killed people with her expressions, I guess she was highly inspired by her Indian soldiers for this performance as she gave the most unusual expression as if she is fighting at the border.

Katrina, I know you are highly dedicated but this blunder from your side was like Dhinchak Pooja singing 'Shape of you'.

Salman Khan forgot lyrics while lip-syncing 

Our bhaijaan felt bored of being famous for his controversies and so he decided to do something new and adventurous this time. So our "hud hud dabanng" Salman decided to sing live and one can easily make out the mess he created with the lyrics while lip syncing. Truly adventurous Salman, it is good to add some comedy element while being on the stage but not when singing a romantic song actually sung by you.

Alia Bhatt singing during her performance for no good reason

Alia Bhatt is an inspiration to youngsters. Her fashion sense to her acting skills, she has been one of the most loved Bollywood divas. Her hidden talent of singing was always highlighted at many T.V. shows but singing live for this IIFA awards made her nothing more than a part of 'oops moments of IIFA'.

She may be very confident about her singing but we realised it is not her cup of tea.

The 'live ad performance'

Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon, the rumoured couple of Bollywood bagged a position in our list, Woah! Congratulations, you guys were hilarious. Dancing on the extended version of 'Pass Aao na' from the Colgate ad was not a good idea at all. It looked weird and I guess you have better songs rather than an ad's background song to dance on.

Presenting Ronald Drump

Presenting Ronald Drump

The imagination skills for entertainment by IIFA organisers is truly commendable as they brought an impersonator, that is a duplicate in Bollywood style, of a very famous leader of another country, Donald Trump as Ronald Drump who started off the evening by singing, "Mere Desh ki Dharti". India, you see, we always get a chill with joking about another country's leader and we are cool with it.

Ronald Drump also followed the trend of 'Why Katappa killed Bahubali' memes. He expressed that Bollywood solved the biggest mystery last year by telling me why Kattappa killed Baahubali.

Ronald Drump entertained the audience but left the spectators with that 'what was the joke' kind of faces.

Colors T.V. stars promoting their shows in between the event

Colors T.V. stars promoting their shows in between the event

IIFA was telecast on Colors T.V. and their serial's promotion was necessary. But random stars interrupting the show to promote their upcoming shows was another 'why God why' moment.

It was irritating as well as not much required in between the show.

This was not appropriate and looked like a big interruption in between.

Varun Dhawan's tribute to daddy Dhawan

Varun Dhawan's tribute to daddy Dhawan

Varun Dhawan loves to be the limelight of any event whether it be an oops moment or something more funnier.

He was wearing a jacket in honour of his father's legacy and entertained everyone with his 'unique swag'.

Varun was inspired by Karan Johar's nepotism jokes. 'Nepotism Rocks' was taken too seriously this IIFA 2017.

Image courtesy by Sonakshi's Instagram handle.

Raja Kumari's wardrobe disaster

Raja Kumari's wardrobe disaster

Singer Raja Kumari wore a unique dress at IIFA 2017. It was a shocking wardrobe disaster and only to see her was hilarious. Like seriously who wears camo pants with a heavy head gear? This is more than ridiculous! It is like either we are not following any trend or she is more trendy than anyone in the Industry.

Raja Kumari, only one advice to you - 'change your designer as soon as possible'.

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