Girls Are All Crazy Over This One Decision That Gives Them 'Happiest Periods'

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Girls Are All Crazy Over This One Decision That Gives Them 'Happiest Periods'

Periods! Chums! That time of the month! Code red! Call it what you may, you just cannot understand what it feels like until and unless you're a girl who bleeds every month. Bleeds for 4, 5, 6 or even 7 days at a time. Every God damn month. 

The cramps hurt, nausea sets in, mood swings take a toll and to top it all we are addressed with some really annoying remarks like, 'That time of the month?', 'Eat some chocolate', 'Mood swings, periods, eh?!'. Well, yes! we have periods and there is nothing about it that could or should make us feel ashamed about. It's not an embarrassment, it's something very natural. Something that makes us capable enough and gives us the power to bring a new life to this world.  

Let's stop spreading this stigma, treating menstruation like a taboo and women like untouchables while they go through it. 

Culture Machine, was set up in July 2013 by two like-minded entrepreneurs – Sameer Pitalwalla, former director of video and celebrity at Disney India, and Venkat Prasad, former product manager at YouTube. The company now has 350 channels in its network across categories including music, comedy, news, beauty, lifestyle and makeup.

Stop everything! and watch this. 


Just reading about this news made my day, I possibly cannot fathom the pride, happiness and love these 75 women at Culture Machine would've felt after knowing what their firm is willing to do for them. And not just for them, they're setting a benchmark for all firms across our nation! I'm running out of words here because no one has ever, ever given approval to this. Women have always been considered as the weaker gender, for some reason but here, Culture Routine made sure that we felt empowered and valued. 

Culture Machine now gives the first day of periods off to all its female employees. 

This man is the kind of boss we all need! 

This man is the kind of boss we all need! 

I was personally really very touched by his part in the video. He talks so much sense, I wish all men could at least adopt a part of what he has to deliver. 

"We don't go through periods, and we need to accept that we don't understand that pain." 

The truth has been spoken, ladies and gentlemen. Let's give a round of applause to this man. *stops typing, starts clapping*

Also, Culture Machine has been winning hearts all over the internet and twitteratis really appreciated it. 

Would you?

I am signing it right away!

There is the opposite gender too!

Yeah, but slowly and steadily, we'll reach there. 

Let's remove the stigma. 

They definitely are!

And men like him do exist. 

What exactly do you know about period pain and everything women go through while menstruating? You think this is an idiotic move because according to you, periods are lame. Just like you!

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