Mumbai Has World's Most Huge Structure About Which You May Not Know 

What a wonder!   

Mumbai Has World's Most Huge Structure About Which You May Not Know 

Mumbai, in simplest words, is the heart of India. A city that carries everything on its sleeves. I have been to Mumbai 6 times. It is my favourite place in the entire world (as much as I've visited). Mumbai never lets you feel lonely, or out of place. It has this magnetic aura that will attract anybody and everybody towards itself. Also, Mumbaikars are really adaptive and open to new people, they will not treat you like an outsider! 

It has so many exotic locations, from Marine Drive to Worli Sea Link, Gateway of India to Red Carpet Wax Museum. But how many of us know about the Gilbert Hill, located in Andheri? You might have heard the name if you live or ever did in Mumbai. But do you know what benchmark has Gilbert Hill set in the evolution of earth?  

Let's know about it.  

It all started with the extinction of dinosaurs. 

Gilbert Hill in Mumbai

The last known mass extinction of life was in the form the extinction of dinosaurs. But how did it all come down to humans living on this planet today? Let's find out.  


The extinction occurred, because a meteor hit and... 

Gilbert Hill in Mumbai

This meteor hit triggered the occurrence of volcanoes across the world that ultimately formed the structure of land on which we live, eat, breathe and walk on.   

So what did these volcanoes leave behind? Three iconic structures that would stand the test of time.

They were formed 66 million years back. These structures are nothing but humongous rocks. There are only three in the world and one of them is in Mumbai, India.    

But which are the other two? Read on to know.  

1. The Devil's Postpile, California

Gilbert Hill in Mumbai

This formation is a rare sight in the world and ranks as one of the world's finest examples of columnar basalt. Its columns are 60 feet high and display an unusual symmetry.   

2. The view on the top

Gilbert Hill in Mumbai

This massive structure is accessible to people and they can surely visit it if they can walk or climb.  

The Devil's Tower, Wyoming

Gilbert Hill in Mumbai

An astounding geological feature, this site is considered sacred to tribesmen in Northern Plain. Hundreds of parallel cracks make it one of the finest traditional crack climbing areas in North America.   

People can climb this huge structure. 

Gilbert Hill in Mumbai

Devils Tower prompts us to explore, test our strengths and define our place in the world.  

Gilbert Hill, Mumbai, India

Gilbert Hill in Mumbai

It It is made up of black basalt rock columns that were a result of molten lava that got squeezed from the earth's clefts. It is 200 feet high.   

The top view

Gilbert Hill in Mumbai

It has a temple at the top of it, about which not many people know.   

This video is the best thing I've seen today! 

It is something unimaginable and something unfathomable. I wish every Mumbaikar would know this and take pride. 

That's all, fellas. Stay tuned!   

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