15 Things That Will Make You Super Human This Year

It's time for a CHANGE.

15 Things That Will Make You Super Human This Year

There are several reasons for this. Firstly our Creator, by whatever name we call this divine power - nature or God - would have provided us super human powers at birth.

Secondly, genetic engineering is yet in infancy stages. Meaning, scientists have yet to find and manipulate genes that can endow humans with such very desirable but near impossible capabilities. Thirdly, it is impossible to attain what we define as superhuman characteristics without risking our life and wellbeing.

Redefining superhuman:

Once we understand inherent limitations that prevent our becoming superhumans, we can objectively look at other urbane and practical options. Our choices thus become boundless.

Therefore, we homo-sapiens can redefine super human as ordinary person bestowed with unique skill. This talent or skill should be measurable by various yardsticks. Measurable parameters to redefine super humans may include:

  • Possessing verifiable talent
  • Usefulness to society
  • Personal growth
  • Exceptional achievements
  • Financial wellbeing

Any female or male, regardless of age, geographical location and physical limitations, who meets this criterion can be considered super human. Therefore, let us look at what you require to qualify as super human.

Remember, super human is much different from superhero. Any female, male or transgender can become a super human using the above archetypes. However, superheroes of all types exist only in story books and animation or cartoon films.

1: Find what interests you the most.

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Usually, every human is born with innate skills. Unfortunately, we spare no effort to denigrate this inborn skill by overloading our brains with insipid, repugnant education whose uses are debatable at best. Remember, you are most likely to do whatever interests you with much ardor than merely for money. Hence, identifying that hidden or known skill is vital.


2: Develop your skill.

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Upon identifying what you are very passionate about, go ahead and develop that skill further. Very often, our intrinsic talent or calling gets deeply buried under the debris of conventional education. For example, you may love cooking. Go ahead and give it a try. Or, if you are adept at playing music, find ways and means to arouse your skills.

3: Define your goals.

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Sadly, most people on this planet fail to define personal goals. Goal setting is viewed more as a scholastic or management dogma than a great tool for self-development. Defining goals can get you much further in life than your peers. Surprisingly, setting goals is not as mundane as you may deceive yourself into believing. 

Rather, it is a rather interesting process. You need to indulge in honest self-assessment. Goal setting can be done by considering your education, finances, age and civil status, social standing and capabilities to utilize them to your best benefit.

4: Set measurable goals.

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Very often, people fail at attaining goals because of phantasmal perceptions of self. Remember, you wish to be a super human. You are not a superhero to attain impossible targets. Therefore, focus on short, mid and long-term goals based on your resources and abilities. 

Further, set yourself a deadline to attain these objectives. And, work towards realizing them in full verve.  Additionally, assess progress you make while working towards these goals. This helps eliminate hurdles and gray areas while focusing on strengths and resources.

5: Eliminate doubts of failure.

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Unfortunately, most people never actually get off ground or flop midway due to doubts over their capabilities. Indeed, doubt to some extent is healthy. However, it is severely detrimental to personal growth and reaching goals. When doubts turn into fears, rest assured failure is lurking around the corner. The best way to eliminate doubts is, have complete confidence in your capabilities, education and resources. Of course, you also need to utilize these resources properly.

6: Plan to get rich.

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Nowadays, nobody gets amused by so-called self-styled super humans who perform strange acts. In fact, most of these exploits are overt manifestations of some psychiatric aberration. At best, they are mere attention seeking ruses. Eating nails and iron filings, lifting heavy trucks by hands and similar performances are fine for entertainment. However, these gimmicks threaten your well being. 

Instead, aim to become a financial heavyweight. You can plan on becoming a wealthy super human by doing something that fetches you loads of cash and tons of fame.

7: Help the society.

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Helping the society is the best, time tested and proven way to carve an identity among people as superhuman. Superheroes do it all the time. In fact, they owe their existence to helping society. Therefore, get associated with a local charity or organization that helps people in distress. You can choose beneficiaries of your largesse. They could be people with special needs, orphans, lonely senior citizens, destitute alcoholics and drug addicts or homeless refugees. However, never do charity or social work solely for the sake of fame. Instead, do so for the joy it brings for them and you. Fame follows automatically for passionate, selfless social work.

8: Look for adventure.

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By adventure, we do not imply you jump off skyscrapers or enter street brawls with criminals. Simplest form of adventure is traveling to disaster-hit areas to assist rescue and relief operations. Invariably, you will find several organizations who willingly take volunteers on board to assist in disaster mitigation efforts. 

9: Develop physical fitness.

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Obviously, becoming a super human also requires tremendous brawn. Attending gym regularly is fine, time and money provided. However, you can maintain great physical fitness by shunning sedentary lifestyle. Try walking instead of driving, take stairs not an elevator. Interestingly, ancient physicians gave due importance to diet as essential part of mental health too. Eating well and proportionately will keep you in good shape.

10: Tune up emotional intelligence.

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Emotional intelligence is something we all have. However, most of us tend to ignore this vital, inherent skill.  Instead, we choose to numb our senses in pursuit of fleeting material and carnal pleasures.  

Psychology Today's website defines EI in these words: "Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. It is generally said to include three skills: emotional awareness; the ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving; and the ability to manage emotions, which includes regulating your own emotions and cheering up or calming down other people." 

Remember, you can succeed as a super human provided you are sensitive to emotions of people around you.

11: Learn martial arts/ self defense.

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Another yet simple way to get towards a superhuman goal is by learning martial arts. Nowadays, innumerable training sessions and classes are available to learn a variety of these skills. Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, Krav Maga and other similar arts in self defense not only help you, they can come useful while tacking some criminals or bullies.

However, it is worth remembering that learning martial arts and self defense can itself be risky. Inadvertently, you may end up injuring yourself. Have your physical fitness assessed before you embark on learning such skills.

12: Start your group.

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Ideally, super humans act alone. However, everyone needs a bit of advice or pepping up occasionally. Forming your own group of like-minded people can help you get the super human accolade a tad faster. To do so, you need to find people who share common interests. Furthermore, all group members must be consistent in their vision and pursuit of a goal. Sharing experiences in this group enriches your knowledge and provides tweaks to reach your desired goal quickly.

13: Support a noble cause.

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Remember, not everyone is fortunate. Indeed, the world is full of unfortunate people who eke an existence merely because they have no other respectable option. Nowadays, hundreds of well reputed organizations work towards uplift of these underprivileged masses. 

Scores of such organizations were founded by highly acclaimed personalities. You can select the cause you wish to support- from animal protection and welfare to ridding the world of nuclear weapons. You can support a cause of your choice by enrolling online as their blogger, fund raiser or by promoting their literature and ideologies. Online fund raisers are always in demand by charities.

14: Roll on the social media.

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All your endeavors and achievements as super human are naught unless you get due recognition from society. Of course, you can hire services of PR firms to develop your brand image in the community and country. That is, if you have sufficient finances to pay exorbitant fees they charge. Alternatively, you can open a page on Facebook, get Twitter and Instagram accounts. Add as many 'friends' you can, taking care to ensure they share similar interests. Get strangers and friends to 'like' your page. Moreover, updating your page daily is essential to ensure interest in your super human abilities does not fade. Tweet on important matters and post pictures of your super human actions on Instagram.

15: Socialize, socialize and socialize.

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Understandably, this is a tall order for inherently coy personae. However, an integral part of being super human means mingling with people from all walks of life, sizes, shapes and colors. Shyness is luxury super humans can ill afford. Therefore, go to parties, albeit for short time. Interact with at least one stranger daily. These will help you overcome any inhibitions about socializing. Having ridded yourself of these baseless fears, you can attain goals of becoming super human more easily.

The final word

Secretly, everyone desires to become a super human. However, self made barriers prevent us. Talk to a good counselor, parents or spouse if you cherish such a dream. Speak about your aspirations and get suggestions. Most people might deride your aspirations. However, a few will share your vision and inspire you.

Meanwhile, it is worth remembering that all attempts to fulfil ambitions to become super human are fine provided it does not endanger your health and wellbeing. Super human character does not require inhuman efforts.

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