15 Super Cool Pictures Of Bollywood Celebs You'll Love To See

Absolutely PERFECT!

15 Super Cool Pictures Of Bollywood Celebs You'll Love To See

Do the films which Bollywood celebrities sign, dictate their mood as well? Big YES.

An artist has to inherit the emotion, and then only the art, thus created, would be a masterpiece. Don't you agree? If you wish to recite a romantic poetry, you need to feel the love. If depicting a hilarious scene is what is your today's task, make sure you convert yourself into a laughing stock. Dancing out the anger requires your soul to be filled with agitation, and then what gets portrayed is the real flair. 

Now, it would be interesting to see the pictures of these famous celebrities depicting the mood of the characters they played in the movies. Are they the 'serious comedians' or the 'confident rebellions'? Let's check it out! 

The 'Mubarakan' Cast


See how the entire cast is in their 'happy-go-lucky' mood. Not just the three, but the Indian actor, Anil Kapoor is also found spending a jolly time. Have a look!

Aww... this is cute!


The romantic movie has spread the romance everywhere. This is a perfect click of 'Kapoor loving Kapoor'. 

Love is in the air!


The romantic comedy movie had made the entire cast inherit a 'lovey-dovey' mood.

The pair of Ileana D'Cruz and Arjun Kapoor looks adorable too. See their fun Instagram Boomerang clips.

Hawa Hawa...


Yes, yes, I know the song 'Hawa Hawa' is your favorite. However, Ileana looks cute providing Arjun, 'Hawa'.  

Adorable, aren't they?


Well now, let's catch up with the 'Golmaal Again' team!

Why so serious?

The cast of the Indian action comedy film, 'Golmaal Again' looks quite serious in this picture. Aren't they happy being spotted by the shutterbugs?

Comedy is a serious business.

The Indian actor, Tusshar Kapoor shared this click on Twitter long back and wrote comedy is a serious business. But, we thought it's a humorous vein. What do you say, readers? 

You need to feel happy to depict happiness!


Now, this is what we expect from the Golmaal team. The true essence of the movie gets conveyed through this click. Don't you agree?

No more gloominess!


Their happy faces create the happiest atmosphere to be in. 

The smile that shines!


Yes, to depict the comedy, to make people laugh, the actors decided to shed their serious faces and put on the smiles that truly shines.

Bold and sassy!

The star cast of 'Lipstick Under My Burkha' faced a lot of controversies. But, their characters in the movie took a toll on real lives as well, and they all decided to be bold and sassy. 

We are the rebellions!

The rebellions decided to promote their movie innovatively. 'Lipstick Under My Burkha' campaign had gone viral.

The proud stars!


Well, the caption given by the actress, Bhumi Pednekar, clarifies it all.

A proud feeling!


Well, promoting one of the biggest campaigns of the Prime Minister via your film, is indeed, worth appreciation. 



Yes, cheers to the team and cheers to the movie!

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