Indian Girls Are Showing 'Middle Finger Under Lipstick' & Asking Haters To TAKE THAT

Be a rebellion!

Indian Girls Are Showing 'Middle Finger Under Lipstick' & Asking Haters To TAKE THAT

"Don't dress like that, don't sit like that, don't talk like that, don't think like that." A shout out to all independent girls, who wear confidence as their permanent attire, here's a campaign to fight all such DON'Ts. 

Directed by Alankrita Shrivastava, 'Lipstick Under My Burkha' is an Indian film that speaks of the pulsating spirit of rebellion. The upcoming film delves into the secret lives of four women who are told to suppress their sexuality. As per the Central Board of Film Certification, the film is lady oriented and focuses on their fantasy above life. "They say a girl should marry in her 20s, they say a girl cannot take her father's legacy forward, they say she cannot ride a bike; well I say, TAKE THAT!" 

Check out these clicks and the strong emotions which each of theirs' captions convey. I am sure every girl would relate to this story and in the end you'll proudly say "Now, TAKE THAT!"

And she defies to stay by norms



And here's to the world! 

She is the creator, hence she is the dictator. Freedom lies in being bold and so move out and defy to stay by the norms. Stay pretty but stay bold too!

Enjoying the courageous journey readers? There are many more to unfurl. Move on and fight your 'DON'Ts' with them.

Don't let the society tell you, what to do


Forget her looks, what about her insane work ethic? What about her day-by-day growing ambition to reach the top? What about her high-spirited desire to rule the society and the world? Well, not just I but millions of other girls, here they say, TAKE THAT!

Don't do this & that while on periods


On your periods? Can't enter the temple right? Don't obey the ghastly rules. You are not meant for them. Be a rebel and fight back!

Don't sit like a boy, didn't sit like a girl either


Hey you, this is not the way to sit. Pull your legs closer or sit cross-legged. You are supposed to be a delicate darling

And she said, TAKE THAT, and sat extremely comfortably.

Don't let the don'ts, dictate your life


Fighting these don'ts would not be a cakewalk. They'll say you are stubborn and that's when you have to chin up and say, "No, I am independent." 

Don't let the noises distract you


Each day millions of fingers will point towards you, millions of eyes will stare at you and millions of voices will speak against you. But, pretty girls, don't let these noises distract you.  

They said, Ohh... you cannot ride a bike


Why? You think only muscular physique is suitable to ride a bike? 

Have you heard of Sakshi Malik? Yeah, that Indian freestyle wrestler who had won the bronze medal in Olympics 2016! 

I think the desire to ride a bike should no more be questioned now.

They said, women cannot be given empowerment, I said...


Yes, it is true. Women cannot be given empowerment because a bold independent lady is a live wire that would create a spark and shock you out of your wits. 

Yes, guys, I understand your fear! :) 

They said women should marry in their 20s, I said...


It's rightly said, "A man's money will never attract an independent woman." 

Well, what's the need to marry in my 20s when I can drive myself around, afford a 3 BHK house, buy diamonds on my own!  

Be a rebel 


Be a rebel and learn to say NO. You are a girl and not a machine installed with a 'YES' button. 

Don't tell me, what to do boy!


Don't be his princess girls, be you own kind of queen. Always walk chinned up or else your crown would slip. 

The boss lady, all with swag and sass


Don't take the order, it's the time to place the order. Be like a boss and create your territory. Just remember God has given you the power to create a new life, hence creating your own territory will not be a hard nut to crack!

They said, daughters can't take their father's legacies forward


Dear readers, I must tell you that I am fighting this DON'T in my life. Yes, a single daughter to my parents, I'll not just take my father's legacy forward, but I'll be the originator of my own legacy. 

This is 21st century, LIVE BOLDLY 


Yes, you have a kind heart. But, now is the time to build a fierce mind and fabricate a brave spirit. Buck up ladies!

They said, it won't be easy, don't do it


I said, " Easy is not meant for me." Her dreams are stern and so is she.

Well, inspired? high-spirited? I am sure most of you would have related with this story. Share your views, share your DON'Ts that you are fighting against. 

Fortune favors the bold and so be one and, if you liked my story then don't forget to subscribe!

Do you stand in support of the campaign?