20 Things Every Indian Who Is Still Saying 'What is GST' Must Read

Isko samajhna mushkil hi nahin, namumkin hai!

20 Things Every Indian Who Is Still Saying 'What is GST' Must Read

Hello readers,

If you still find Goods and Services Tax (GST) a hard nut to crack, here are certain jokes, memes and tweets that will tickle your funny bone and make you feel better. Don't feel so alone, there are many like you, including me. Sometimes, we try to explain a complex thing in a lighter vein, if the tried and tested method doesn't work. 

GST is one such phenomenon!

The majority of people are unable to figure it out, that's why we are making an attempt to decode it through some hilarious jokes, which you are sure to find entertaining.

In the ancient times, every emperor used to keep a 'Jester' in his court – but mind you, he had a difficult task in hand. Usually, courts had a tense and serious atmosphere, and the Jester would crack jokes to lighten it. But some Jesters were so sharp, they would speak the truth, in the garb of cracking a joke. And their job was made even more difficult by the fact that they had to speak while keeping everyone's ego in mind.

So, in an attempt to explain GST, we have come up with some really hysterical stuff, which has some amount of truth in it. 

Keep reading to bring a wide smile on your face and probably, tears of happiness.

So what is GST?


"What do you think about GST? How good or bad will it be for the economy? How long before we benefit?"  The answer is nowhere.

What happens when you are unable to figure out something, even after umpteenth attempt? What happens when the riddle is so intricate, that you give it a middle finger? Even after this desperate gesture, if the thing refuses to get solved, you are left with only one option.

Laugh Boisterously!

This world is a circus, and we are all cracking jokes.

Here's the full form.

And you thought it was Goods and Services Tax.

Proves how innocent, sweet and loving you are.

Even the government couldn't figure it out. 

That's why the government is not in the position to explain, and probably that's why they are rolling it out at 12 midnight on July 1, when everyone will be sleeping :)

But when someone still tries to figure it out and reaches GST office!

And nobody is in the position to explain, so they just disappear, in their own unique way. 

Though GST can surely help you get a date.

It's time to put this bio on your Tinder profile. Get ready for the weekend blast!

Here's how evolution takes place.

From VAT 69 to GST 69. Evolution is the law.

Charles Darwin can't be wrong.

But 69 is here to stay.

That's how GST will roll out!

Pretty easy, no?

GST is as simple as this calendar.

Some things in life are easy.

Does it mean more money for the government?

GST is sure to do two things. 

1. It will make the government richer.

2. It will also make CAs richer. 

This joke explains it all.

This joke explains it all.

Even if you are unable to understand it now, you have a low Joke IQ.

This man has finally cracked it. 

Actions speak louder than words. So this man tried to explain through his actions. And, he seems to have quite succeeded. 

The face says it all!

You make such face when questions are bombarded to you, and the answer? Ha-ha!

A little cricket.

GST is like spin bowling, it takes a lot to explain.

What happens when things get difficult?

When life poses you difficult questions, do not answer them. Pass them!

GST means 28% tax. The only thing that's clear to everyone.

Save your mobile battery.

Here's the way it works. 

Just observe closely. You may figure out something. I couldn't!

GST on husband-wife.

Only 72% love, rest of the love to be submitted as a tax.

GST can even backfire.

After 1 July, we all will become a butt of jokes!

Some more fun!

When all taxes are converted into one tax, you are left with only wife...err...tax!

Still, there are some things more complicated than GST. 

So that was all about GST.

It's a complex phenomenon and best left to CAs and financial experts to figure out. 

Let us be happy with jokes. Alright? 

Thanks for reading.


Do you understand GST as good as Alia does?