The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This New Punjabi Song By Jassie Gill

Wondering what’s the fuss is all about?

The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This New Punjabi Song By Jassie Gill

Jassie Gill or Jasdeep Singh Gill is that one singer who comes once in a while as a gift from God. The 'Punjab Da Sher' released his first album, Batchmate in the year 2011 that became an instant success with the hit song 'Chudiyan.' The multi-talented actor/singer has never looked back since then.

Jassie, who turned the pages of success one after one with his hit singles and albums like 'Vigre Sharabi' (single) in 2012, Batchmate-2 (album) in 2013. The album [Batchmate-2] that featured the super hit song like 'Lancer' had become even bigger and successful than his debut album Batchmate.

After giving us musical gifts like single Classmate (which even featured in the film Daddy Cool Munde Fool), Pyar Mera and album Replay, the singer released the single Nakhre in 2017 that set him up ahead of most of the mainstream singers in India.

Well, WittyFeed recently got in touch with this artist who hailed from a small town in Punjab with only ambitions in his pocket, and today, he rules the music industry.

Wondering what's the fuss is all about? Well, have a look!

Jassie Gill



The singer had announced on Instagram a few days back that he is planning to surprise his diehard fans and followers with a new single title 'Dill Tutda.' for which GoldBoy has made the music, Nirman has written lyrics, and Arvindr Khaira has directed the music video.

Jassie Gill's interview with WittyFeed.


We asked the truly exceptional performer some intriguing questions which his fans always wanted to know. 

Our first question to the artist was, what keeps him going, to which Gill replied: "I have seen my life take a 360-degree turn. There are an odd singularity and universality to the ambitions I had as a boy. Everyone dreams of making an impact in one way or another. And to see my dreams turn into a reality, day after day, makes me feel like I'm truly a blessed child of the Lord. The love and support I have received are overwhelming, and it is undoubtedly my sole driving force."

Well, the dedication and modesty was shining through the star's eyes.


To our next question, what he has in the story for us? Jassie replied saying... "I am eagerly waiting to see the response my new song Dill Tutda gets from the audience. I have put my heart and soul in this song. It is a piece of work that I believe everyone will be able to relate to."

Our next question to him was about how did music happen to him.


"Music has been a way of life for me. It was always by my side even when I didn't notice it much consciously. Music has been my savior, my mentor, and my motivation. It's safe to say that I didn't choose music, but that music chose me," says Jasdeep Singh Gill.

The man with the golden heart, Jassie boldly talked about the lows in his life and said:


The singer said, "It's a law of nature, nothing is constant, especially in this line of the field, you don't find success always. There have been times when an individual project did not get the expected response from the audiences. Being an emotional person, I've been knocked out quite a few times, but what's more important for us is to get right back up and work towards our future goals. When you hit top after hitting the lows, it makes the highs feel even better."

Recently, Jassie had shocked his fans.


While his fans and followers on Facebook and Instagram were waiting desperately for June 23rd, the singer raised the bars of excitement with a poster which he shared across his social media handles.

The poster that got everyone high.


Ahead of the official time, the singer announced on 20th June that he has something special to share with his friends on 21st June. Fans went crazy thinking that they might get to listen Dill Tutda before time.

The excitement was the same, but it wasn't the announcement of releasing the song.


Instead, Jassie shared that he'll be seen in a movie called 'Nanak' that's the story of a son and father. The film is produced by Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty's hubby, Raj Kundra.

Today is 23rd June and the song Dill Tutda is already hitting the top charts.


As the name suggests, Dill Tutda is a ballad that unfolds the anguish of a broken heart. Within an hour of its release, the song Dill Tutda is already trending on the internet. It has earned whooping 20 Lacs+ views (till June 24) in no time.

Here's the song...