Take This Quiz & Find Out If You Are A Badass Or Not

Why be docile, when you can be BADASS?

Take This Quiz & Find Out If You Are A Badass Or Not

Do you regard yourself as badass, quirky, bold and opinionated? Then, take this quiz to find out if you really are that badass. Badass is someone who is tough and uncompromising. There are certain traits that a badass possesses. One is, he/she doesn't brag about being a badass, it is in their mannerisms. Another appealing trait of a badass is that the person stays true to themselves, for themselves and is never fake to impress others. Perseverance is another aspect that they boldly embrace. They're always ready to help and remain kind to those who are kind to them, badass are not as bad as they are perceived to be.

Most importantly, they are not petty people, they have strong principles and love to stick by them. Often misunderstood as the ones who are always ready to pick a fight, let me tell you, they do not like to make enemies. Definitely, a rule breaker, badass breaks, twists and twirls rules, for his ethics!