This Australian Couple Flew All The Way To India Just To Help A Little Girl They Saw In A Picture

My eyes are soaked with tears of joy!

This Australian Couple Flew All The Way To India Just To Help A Little Girl They Saw In A Picture

We humans can achieve all we want in our life, but there's only one thing that adds meaning to our existence, the act of humanity. God has provided us with too much to keep to ourselves, but the difference is made when we make efforts to share what we have, with those who might need it more.

Today, you're going to read the beautiful story of an adventure-loving couple from Australia, who flew all the way to India for a little girl whom they spotted in a picture wearing nothing but a pink bracelet.

A few years back, when an Australian entrepreneur, Dick Smith with his wife, Phillipa was on the tour of India, he took a photograph on his mobile phone of a homeless family under a railway bridge in Vadodara, Gujrat. The photo got the best of his emotions and compelled his heart to do something for this family, especially for that little girl. 

Let's have a look at the photos that tell how Dick, with the help of a photographer couple helped this little girl and her family in the most heartwarming manner.  

The young Australian Couple, Chris & Jess. 

The young Australian Couple, Chris & Jess. 

Both Chris and Jess are photographers who love to explore amazing things around the world on their trips. Chris was approached by Dick Smith after he(Dick) came from India. He asked Chris to go to India and find the people in the photo which was taken by him while he was traveling in a train. 

Here's the narration of the beautiful story by Chris through photos.


Dick showing Chris the photo he took a few weeks ago.

Photo of the little girl and her family.

En-route India.

Crazy auto-rickshaw ride.

The Indian help, Jayati.

The Shastri bridge, under which Dick took the photo of the homeless family.

But, before meeting them...

That's the place! But, whom to talk?

It's a small world to meet the friend of a friend of a father of a friend.

Asking the people around...

Everyone denied everything!

But finally!

And, at last the girl was found.

That's her!

The shy Divya!

Explaining the people around...

Divya and her siblings...

The family has been living under the bridge for 12-long-years!

Exploring the city!

Meeting the head of the family.

The couple responsible for this miraculous meeting.

The couple opened a bank account for the family in need. 

Thumb impression on the documents. 

But wait! Where are your photos?

Smile please!

Well, that's India for you, Chris and Jess!

Let's go shopping!

All the necessities of Divya's education were filled.

Turns out all this happened in the month of Christmas. 

The school where Divya goes to.

Dick with the help of Chris and Jess surely gave Divya and her family a brand new life. A contract was signed that mentioned the funds would be provided for Divya's education for a minimum of 2 years, after which the contract would be reviewed (although the plan is for it to be of more than 10 years). As an incentive to Divya's parents to educate her, a clause was added specifying that the funds would be stopped if Divya stopped attending school.

Dick also provided the family with the money to rent a house. 

As Divya will be directly joining third grade, Dick agreed, should the need arise- he will pay for a tutor to Divya so that she catches up with her classmates.  

Wasn't that a lovely story of some good deed. 

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Will you ever do something like this for a needy?