This Girl's Rap Song Ft. Raftaar Is Asking Girls To Become ''Shameless'' 

21st century girls, pay heed!

This Girl's Rap Song Ft. Raftaar Is Asking Girls To Become ''Shameless'' 

On June 6, a video titled "Shameless" was uploaded on the Facebook handle MostlySane in support of Girls. The video features Prajakta Koli which focuses on the problems faced by girls growing up in an Indian society precisely. Prajakta expresses all of that in a rap, the lyrics are chosen beautifully which gives voice to each and every aspect girls have always wanted to tell. 

Whether it be their dressing sense or physique, make-up sense or complexion; the video shows exactly why it is so difficult for a girl to survive in a society which never cares to appreciate for what they are. 

The selection of clothes chosen by the singer is marvellous when it reflects how a girl is caged in the society making her unable to breathe. And, the latter emphasises on how a girl should not give an eff about the beauty standards set by the society.

Don't exit too early because you'll be seeing the "Girl in the new City" & Raghav Croc Roaz along with Raftaar and much more. How many of them can you recognise? Let us know in the comments.

Here's the video!



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