We Bet You Can't Score 15/15 In This Disney Quiz

What was the name of a monkey in Aladdin?

We Bet You Can't Score 15/15 In This Disney Quiz

Disney as soon as we read or listen to this name, a sudden smile comes to our face, and we go back to our childhood memories. Sitting in front of a television watching Disney cartoon films and characters without blinking an eye was the kind of a power and impact they had put our lives. 

Almost everyone would relate to this because the picture shows that Disney produced in that era were all fantastic, who received love from all around the world.

Some of the famous characters like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Prince Naveen broke all the records of gathering fan following. As even today, almost after 89 years they're famous and relevant to our world.

There are many people around us, who would claim that they're Disney cartoon fans. Maybe you're the one as well, but can you prove it by scoring 10/10 this quiz?

Let's find out if you're a true Disney fan!