Can You Guess Who Were Behind These Greatest Inventions?

Even 6/10 would be commendable!

Can You Guess Who Were Behind These Greatest Inventions?

You are surrounded by things which at some point in history were not there. That means, someone invented and now we call them as inventors. With technology, it has become significantly easy to invent something, not with just a click's effort of course, but you can have all the information you need in order to do some R&D. Imagine when there was no internet to assist our ancestors who invented utilities like X-ray or Steel, they knew it all as to how the raw data can be processed and that information can be used to convey that through the Telephone. Or, travel to distances in steam engines and invent electricity so that printing press could be a reality today. 

Well, while I don't want to waste much of your time, you can go through the following set of 10 questions and realise how miserably you fail because you weren't attentive in your history class. Be prepared with the name of who invented Electric Clock, at least you'll be able to score 2/10.