Social Media Is Criticizing This School Uniform For Being 'Obscene'! But Is It Really Vulgur?

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Social Media Is Criticizing This School Uniform For Being 'Obscene'! But Is It Really Vulgur?

A school uniform from the southern-most state of India, Kerala, has been caught up in a huge controversy on social media. The incident took place when a photograph of three girls studying in St. Alphonsa Public School in Kottayam district in Kerala, got viral last weekend. 

A photographer named Zachariah Ponkunnam shared a photograph on his Facebook account, which depicted three girls in their school uniform. He stated that the uniform had an obscene design.

This photo was shared over 5,000 times in a day and went viral with many people alleging the school authorities for designing such a 'vulgar' uniform for school-going minor girls. 

The school has till now received many complaints online, but the teachers and the school authorities remain on the same page, as they say, the uniform was well-designed. 

A wave of memes and jokes came out in the comments section of the widely shared photograph, fighting the perceived 'vulgarity' of the uniform. 

But is the photo shared by the photographer even real? And, what does the principal of the school have to say about it? Find out here!

The photo shared by the photographer

Obscene uniform in Kerala

After the photo had got into controversy, photographer Zachariah Ponkunnam said, "A friend from Erattupetta saw the students in new uniform and clicked a picture. He sent it to me. After blurring their faces, I posted it on Facebook on Friday night, asking those on social media to react to this vulgar design and demanded a change."

So did he just post the image, even without cross-checking the facts? Or is this a case of objectifying school-going minors?


People's view about the image on Facebook:

Principal's say on the controversy 

Obscene uniform in Kerala

The principal of the St. Alphonsa Public School said, "The image that was uploaded by the photographer was photoshopped as the uniform in the image was different from the actual one. I have given a complaint to the police. Our design is different from the one seen on the said photograph. This photo has been uploaded purposefully".

A commentator posted this picture in the comments list of the photo on Facebook.

Obscene uniform in Kerala

So is it any different from the one which was posted by the photographer? I don't think so.

So what does the Parent Teacher Association(PTA) have to say about the matter?

Obscene uniform in Kerala

PTA President, Sabu Cyriac emphasized that there was no problem with the uniform. In his statement, he said, "No parent or student complained about it. We chose the design from a booklet that illustrated various types of uniforms. The school purchased the cloth and stitched the uniform for its students. Obscenity is in the eyes of the beholder." Also, he mentioned that they(PTA) would like to find If parents find it(uniform) vulgar. And if they do, they have the option of introducing an overcoat. Concerned about the parents' finances, he added, "It will be a huge financial burden for parents if the uniform is changed again."

Maybe it was the fit of the uniform that stirred controversy.

Obscene uniform in Kerala

The solution here can be to provide decent uniforms to students of the school, keeping in mind their safety.

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Shouldn't uniforms be as simple and decent as possible?