This 'Guess Who' Photo Shared By Rishi Kapoor Is Surely A Delight To Watch

OMG... This can't be true!

This 'Guess Who' Photo Shared By Rishi Kapoor Is Surely A Delight To Watch

The famous actor, Rishi Kapoor shared an adorable throwback picture on Twitter. The picture is of three little kids sitting together. All of them have turned out to be extremely popular actors, and for sure, you all must be aware of them. Put on your thinking caps and start guessing who they are! 

Well, these pesky looking kids are from the Kapoor family and are a unique combination of innocence and naughtiness. Brought up in a family of actors, all these kids are also the budding actors of the present era. Hope, now you can guess about them!!

Not just this but Rishi Kapoor is quite famous for sharing all such throwback pictures on Twitter. It seems the actor loves playing the game, 'Guess Who?'.

It's quite an exciting game so keep looking and keep guessing viewers. Every picture shared by him is a sure shot delight to watch.  

Yes, we are lazy


It's a 'long long ago' capture of 'Kaancha Cheena', i.e, Sanjay Dutt and 'Rauf Lala', i.e, Rishi Kapoor. Indeed, it depicts the everlasting bond of friendship between the two actors.

However, this is not the picture you are waiting for. Have patience! The suspense is soon going to be revealed. Just click to read more!!

Pehchan Kaun?

And here is the picture of the day. The boy putting fingers in his mouth is super famous Ranbir Kapoor. To his right is Siddhanth Kapoor and the girl to his left with an extremely adorable smile has to be Shraddha Kapoor. The actor, Shakti Kapoor shared this picture with Rishi Kapoor and he took to social media to share it with all his viewers. Indeed, the trio looks great together and this throwback picture of them is worth admiring. Don't you agree?


Smile that shines

Stars in a single frame

Acting since childhood

Look who is peeping!

The Gang

Hope it was a delight to watch these pictures. Share your views readers!!

Did the throwback picture shared by Rishi Kapoor made you go 'aww'?