25 Facts About Wentworth Miller That Make Him Michael Scofield In Real Life

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25 Facts About Wentworth Miller That Make Him Michael Scofield In Real Life

Wentworth Miller's life is an amazing example of overnight success. He rose to fame by portraying the role of Michael Scofield in the American television series, Prison Break. His path to fame was not an easy one. Since 1997, he started to land guest roles in different shows. He even worked as the temporary guy in several production companies.

He starred on Prison Break during its first run from 2005 to 2009, and after that, he returned in the series' new season which started in April 2017. He has also been a model, screenwriter and a producer. The critically acclaimed actor's career swings between both television shows and feature films.

Well, many of us are familiar with the Prison Break series. So, before you put this fantastic series' new season in your watchlist, there are some interesting things which you should know about its lead actor, Wentworth.

Know about some interesting and unknown facts about Wentworth Miller.

#1 Wentworth Miller was born on June 2, 1972, in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, but his family moved to Brooklyn when he was just one-year-old.

#2 He has a bachelor's degree in English literature from the Princeton University. During his time at the university, he joined a capella group, Princeton Tigertones and was also the member of Colonial Club and Quadrangle Club.



#3 In 1995, he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. He struggled a lot before getting a prominent place in the acting field.

#4 He made his first television appearance on the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer named "Go Fish." In that, he played the role of Gage Petronzi who was the member of swim team which turned into sea monsters.


#5 His father who is black has African-American and Afro-Jamaican ancestry whereas his mother is Caucasian and has Dutch, Swedish and French ancestry.

#6 Wentworth is a dual citizen. He was born in England, and his parents are American. Both his mother and father have three ethnic backgrounds.


#7 Wentworth's first starring role came in 2002 when he portrayed the role of David Scott in ABC's series Dinotopia. After playing some characters, he co-starred in the movie, The Human Stain in 2003.

#8 In the same year, he got another short role in a movie, Underworld where he played a doctor and friend of Michael Corvin.


#9 In 2005, Wentworth was signed to the Prison Break series which is considered as his biggest achievement till date. He portrayed the role of Michael Scofield.

#10 He played the role of Lincoln Burrows' brother who is caring and who can do everything to help his brother. His performance was highly appreciated and that even earned him the nomination for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series at the Golden Globe Award. 


#11 Wentworth has also appeared in two Mariah Carey music videos, "It's Like That" where he played the party guest and "We Belong Together" where he portrayed the role of Mariah's love interest.

#12 Brett Ratner directed both the videos. He also directed the pilot episode of Prison Break. He was the one who decided to put Wentworth into the videos.


#13 Miller has also been featured in the fourth part of the famous and commercially successful franchise, The Resident Evil. He played the role of Chris Redfield who was one of the protagonists.

#14 Miller has also scripted the movie, The Loft which is the remake of the Belgian film, Loft by Erik Van Looy.


#15 In 2003, Wentworth denied that he is gay to InStyle magazine. But in 2013, he came out as a gay when he posted a letter on GLAAD's website where he declined an invitation to attend the Saint-Petersburg International Film Festival. He did this because he did not like the way Russian government treats gay citizens.

#16 After he came out, he even stated about his struggle with depression and also said that he attempted suicide as a teenager. 


#17 He is a successful writer. He wrote the screenplay of Stoker which is the story of a teenage girl and her relationship with her uncle. The movie is considered his biggest hit which starred, Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman and Matthew Goode.

#18 He has also claimed that he is allergic to cats. During an interview, he said, "Unfortunately, I'm allergic to all animals and even some people. There was a scene where I had to give Dominic Purcell a hug – you know, a touching embrace between the brothers – and at the end of the night I had a rash on my neck. I got a lot of teasing on that."


#19 He was named in People Magazine's top 100 most beautiful people in the world in 2007.

#20 His favourite films include The Shining (1980), Carrie (1976), Jesus Christ Superstar (1973), Time Bandits (1981), and Bullets Over Broadway (1994).


#21 He is a very big comic books fan. He finally got a chance to work in a comic television series, The Flash. He played the role Captain Cold who was Flash's enemy at first.

#22 He was born in the United Kingdom, but he insists people for considering him as an American.


#23 The tattoos shown on his front and back in the Prison Break series requires four hours of makeup. Some of the tattoos were also shown on his arms and shoulders.

#24 After 2009, he reprised the role Michael Scofield for the Prison Break series in April 2017. 


#25 Active Minds which is a mental health charity announced that Wentworth Miller will be the brand ambassador for their organisation. The announcement was made on 17 October 2016.

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