This Startup Is A Boon For Your Business Growth

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This Startup Is A Boon For Your Business Growth

What if you know the ingredients of the dish but aren't aware of how to use the stove?

Similar is the pain of the ones with ideas but with no platform to boom them. Comprehensively, Sahil Kohli from Chandigarh came up with an ideal platform for the established as well as budding app developers to amass the appropriate clientele. Providing a huge platform for people with great ideas but are looking for application developers to bring them to life.

A foremost reason behind the conceptualization of AppLancer is the founder, Sahil Kohli's two-year dedication as the CEO of an App development company, Exousia Tech. In reminiscence, he recollects the tough times which were faced by him and his team in building a clientele. This being the cardinal reason for backing up the intention and aim of AppLancer -- providing an opportunity to all the startups to succeed in the nip and tuck business of app development. 

They are not in a greed to grow quickly, therefore the startup is not intending to target big players of the industry, instead, provides an equal opportunity for all and does not prioritize established developers.

Kohli explains, "Everybody gets a chance. We already have more than 100 developers on board, many of them are the big players. Like I said, everybody is welcomed."

The inspiring past.


The startup which was launched on 21st April 2017 has another commanding force adding to its unparalleled start.

At the age of 18, Sahil started Xerocopy along with his friends. It was a company that astutely sold advertisements on photocopies which were needed by college goers lowering the cost of photocopies for these students. Later, Sahil indulged in day trading which allowed him to gain material knowledge of markets and their unpredictability.


Then it was time for Exousia Tech.


Sahil Kohli's passion for developing something innovative directed him to know 'how to program' and his next move was Exousia Tech -- an app development company. 

The company produced all possibilities creating engaging and functional mobile apps for all platform including iOS and Android. Although his team was dedicated to building connecting solutions, sometimes they required really talented teammates and it was challenging to find brilliant minds for certain projects. Needless to say, this difficulty influenced the creation of AppLancer.

So what exactly is AppLancer doing for us?

So what exactly is AppLancer doing for us?

The startup operating from the EDC building in IT Park, Chandigarh, is bridging the gap of bringing mobile developers and businesses together on the same platform. The key is to connect people trying to do something and who can work best to your advantage. Having thousands of options from which one can choose, working with the brightest, will help in keeping the cost down also providing with a comparative analysis by way of getting connected to several developers. The companies can choose developers best suiting their business requirement and industry specifics.

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Join AppLancer and reap the benefits.


AppLancer has already kicked off with a bang with developers contributing from India, UK, US, Poland and Ukraine. With providing a simplicity to people to find mobile app development companies which can understand the business requirement, AppLancer's approach is really exciting the industry.

Everyone is welcomed to join AppLancer through its website and become a developer.