These Funniest Tweets From Parents On Twitter Are Simply Classic

The best parental wisecracks on Twitter! 

These Funniest Tweets From Parents On Twitter Are Simply Classic

Being a parent is one of the greatest joys life has to offer us as humans. Nothing in this world compares to the feeling of seeing your own baby for the first time or watching him/her take his/her first steps. Our moments spent with our offspring are precious, and before we know it, they are all grown-up and ready to go out into the world on their own; taking a little piece of our hearts with them when they leave.

However, being a parent does have its difficult and challenging moments as well and luckily for us, many parents decide to turn to social media to 'say their piece' about these. 

Each week, 100's of quip Tweets are posted on Twitter, by parents regarding their kids and parenthood in general that are simply so 'classic' and hilarious, I just have to share some of them with you!

Intrigued? Well then read on for 18 of the best parental wisecracks on Twitter right now.



Attention: I hereby just wish to state that I copied the links to the following Tweets from the original profiles of the creators/owners of the content. I in no way, means or form try and claim any credit for the conception of the following media. Enjoy and try not to die from laughter!


Can you imagine? 

Give her some credit! 

A thorough investigation.

A million years.


The plot thickens.

Mute button!

A new bedtime.

Some 'good eating'!

Skills and good manners.

A salute!


Vacation activities.

In an ideal world.

What's it like? 


Ultra messy.


So there you have it, 18 of the funniest Tweets regarding parenthood on Twitter right now. I really hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did when I researched and added them to this posting. Be sure to check the actual profiles of the posters regularly as they add new Tweets done in the same style (as those above), on quite a regular basis. Also be sure to read the Tweets of those who offer replies to these quips, as they too are simply hilarious!

Debbie Nel


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