Blast At Ariana Grande Concert In Manchester: At Least 19 Dead, Dozens Injured

Pray for Manchester!

Blast At Ariana Grande Concert In Manchester: At Least 19 Dead, Dozens Injured

Manchester Police is investigating the fatal incident that has left at least 19 dead and dozens of others injured after a blast at Manchester Arena concert. The explosion happened during the grand performance of American pop singer Ariana Grande.

According to BBC, the suspected terror attack happened at the end of the concert at around 22:35 BST on Monday. The event had a majority of the young crowd attending the performance show of Ariana. "BBC Home Affairs Correspondent Daniel Sandford said, senior counter-terrorism officers were assembling in London and liaising with the Home Office. Unconfirmed reports from two unnamed US officials suggested the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber. British Transport Police say the explosion was in the foyer area of Manchester Arena," - states BBC.

While reporting the incident, NEWS stated, - "Ariana said: 'Bye bye Manchester!' The lights came on then there were two big noises and people started running and shouting."

Blast At Ariana Grande Concert

American pop singer Ariana Grande's concert tour named 'Dangerous Woman Tour' began in February and Manchester event was a part of it.

News reports are saying that the 'nail bomb' was used in the attack. 

According to Wikipedia, "The nail bomb is an anti-personnel explosive device packed with nails to increase its wounding ability. The nails act as shrapnel, leading almost certainly to greater loss of life and injury in inhabited areas than the explosives alone would."


City of Manchester on Monday.

Blast At Ariana Grande Concert

Twitter is flooded with video footages and updates.

Celebs and fans are pouring their grief.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester expressed his condolences.

The organiser confirmed Ariana and her team to be safe.

Latest Police statement:

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