Guy Receives Floor Tiles On Ordering A Smartphone Worth Rs 12,999 From Flipkart

The dark side of online retailers?

Guy Receives Floor Tiles On Ordering A Smartphone Worth Rs 12,999 From Flipkart

When was the last time you purchased something off an e-commerce website? You don't keep count nowadays, do you? With automobiles to veggies, when you have everything available at your doorstep on just a tap, then so are the problems available everywhere. 

No, I'm not talking about those financial frauds or phishing attacks but not getting what you ordered. On a very narrow basis, if you had ordered apples which cost you Rs 120/kg but get 12 bananas for the same amount. You would be infuriated now, wouldn't you? 

A similar incident happened with a resident of Indore Ketan Vishwakarma when he recently reached out to WittyFeed speaking to the CCO Parveen Singhal. Later then, I came in contact with Manish Kumbhkar through Ketan, who ordered a unit of Redmi Note 4 from Flipkart. The alleged victim Manish Kumbhkar, who paid a total of Rs 12,999 to the online retailer opened up to me in a candid telephonic conversation and told me all what happened. He was happy when his roommate called him, confirming that he has received the package. Nothing was out of the normal but the series of events which took place after that are not at all joyous:

Excited Manish opens up the package for using his brand new phone. There was nothing which could tell that the insides of the box will not come out since the packaging of Flipkart was looking authentic. But, other than the phone purchased, everything was shipped to his address. Truly irritating!


Soon after he unpacks, he finds two pieces of floor tiles instead of a phone in there; weighing the same as the phone would.

He was shaken to the ground when he got the strangest reply from the Flipkart executive. The person he spoke to denied everything and said that "You (Manish) only would be lying Sir, it cannot happen from our side" as reported to WittyFeed by the consumer.

Manish's friend got the parcel on Saturday and after opening it in the evening, Manish requested for a refund.

Not long did it take Flipkart people to cancel his first request on the next day (Sunday) somewhere around the afternoon, again as claimed by the consumer. He made another one soon after that at around 1400 hrs on the same day, May 21, Sunday.

The second request also gets cancelled soon after 3 hours at around 1700 hrs. On making the call to the company executive, the company now refuses to take responsibility. Now, with no other option left, Manish has thought to approach Consumer Forum in the hopes that they would listen to him.

A common man like Manish is left with a floor tile worth Rs 12,999. After coming in Flipkart's blacklist, now he is not able to approach them regarding the same.

WittyFeed came to know about it and after verifying all the facts, we're just reporting the incident and not taking any side. The images were provided to us directly by Manish Kumbhkar.

Has this ever happened to you?