Sweden Drops WikiLeaks Founder's Rape Inquiry But UK And US Are Still After Him

Nothing would've happened without the 2010 leak!

Sweden Drops WikiLeaks Founder's Rape Inquiry But UK And US Are Still After Him

Heard of WikiLeaks? The company was responsible for publishing a series of leaks in the year 2010 when documents like Collateral Murder video (April 2010), [2][3] the Afghanistan war logs (July 2010), the Iraq war logs (October 2010), and CableGate (November 2010) were made public. The documents comprised of US Government secrets and were published by former US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning on Wikileaks at the time. 

Julian Assange, 45, who is the co-founder of WikiLeaks, had found the organisation in 2006 but attracted a lot of heat and publicity after his website released US secrets. Julian immediately became the prime target for the US investigation and a criminal investigation against the Australian National and his company WikiLeaks. 

Later on, he was taken in for questioning after the constant attempts made by USA asking other nations for help in getting hands on Assange. Although, Julain didn't accept any of the allegations about sexual assault and rape. Also, he was resilient about being extradited to Sweden with the fear of being extradited to the USA from there. It seems like Sweden officials have finally let him lose because:

Sweden's Director of Public Prosecution


Marianne Ny, representing Swedish Prosecution Authority announced on May 19 that they will not be continuing with the investigation any further and revoked the arrest order. The order was in place for more than seven years now which implied the allegation against Assange for rape. But where is he now? And what led to all of the above is down below:

Sweden extradition

After the 45-year-old was interrogated for the allegations of sexual assault and rape, he restrained on being extradited to Sweden. Since, he was aware of the fact that from there, he will be transferred to the US since they perceive him as the man behind the publishing of secret documents.

Surrendered to UK

He sought asylum in Ecuador and was granted one in August 2012, after he surrendered himself to the UK Police on December 7, 2010. 

Beware of U.K.

Beware of U.K.

Now, with Sweden out of the picture by revoking his arrest warrant on May 19; what WikiLeaks official Twitter handle said stands accurate about the "focus" being shifted to the U.K. Since, even before the announcement by the Swedish government, he was wanted by the Brits for jumping bail. Also, the Metropolitan Police of London has already stated that the Swedes have revoked the warrant and not them. In any attempt to exercise his right of asylum, he will be arrested for violating British Law while at the Ecuadorian Embassy. Because the U.K. officials haven't yet disclosed whether they received any U.S. extradition warrant for Julian. 



Will America get hold of him?