This 80-Year-Old Lady Sold Goats To Build A Toilet For Her Mother-In-Law 

A rare gift.

This 80-Year-Old Lady Sold Goats To Build A Toilet For Her Mother-In-Law 

Do you think water, air and food are the only basic necessities of a human being? Our needs don't confine to what we eat or drink but they include having a good hygiene, proper health, cleanliness and of course, sanitation.

Sanitation is now a human right. Its first requirement is having a proper toilet in every home and every office. Over the years, inefficient sanitation management, open defecation systems and absence of basic toilet facilities in many regions have resulted in the creation of an unhealthy environment that can put life of people at risk.

Take the case of Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur district where lack of proper sanitation has caused trouble for older people. This prompted an 80-year old woman to build a toilet as a gift. To accomplish this, she even sold her goats. 

Let's see how her inspiring efforts have made a change in her life and others' life as well.

Meet Chandana, an 80-year-old woman from Anantapur village of Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur district. 

Chandana gifts toilet to mom-in-law

We observe Mother's Day with our moms by making them feel special with numerous gifts, surprises like cakes or bouquets. And of course, that is our way. But unlike us, Chandana had a unique way of observing Mother's Day.

She built a privy, yes a toilet, as a gift to her mother-in-law.

Let's know how she made it possible.


Chandana made an effort to improve rural sanitation in the region when authotities didn't seem to support her.

Chandana gifts toilet to mom-in-law

Chandana's family including her mother-in-law defecated in open till she took a step to build a proper toilet.

The idea of having a lavatory came to Chandana's mind when...

Her 102-year old mother-in-law fell down and fractured her leg. The incident occurred when she went out for ablutions. Moved by the trouble, Chandana decided to help her mother-in-law.

She sold out six of her goats to raise the money required for constructing a toilet.

Chandana gifts toilet to mom-in-law

The goats were a source of livelihood for Chandana and her family but she sold them for her mother-in-law's sake.

As per reports, the village authorities including sarpanch did not show interest in helping Chandana.

Chandana gifts toilet to mom-in-law

As a result, she took the matter in her hands and succeeded.

Despite being financially weak, Chandana took a courageous step.

Chandana gifts toilet to mom-in-law

And we guess the way she gifted toilet to her mother-in-law is the best gesture and something worth emulating.

PM's Clean India Mission .....

Chandana gifts toilet to mom-in-law

Chandana becomes a real hero who has set an example on how to maintain hygiene.

Here's the video.

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Isn't it inspiring?