3 Kids, 1 YouTube Channel And 42.5 Million Views In No Time, What's The Secret?

The Melbourne brothers!

3 Kids, 1 YouTube Channel And 42.5 Million Views In No Time, What's The Secret?

It feels like YouTube has been trending forever now. The next big thing after Google is YouTube, both owned by Alphabet are providing the mass with a platform where now individuals to companies are striving to make their mark. When instead of watching television, people are switching to YouTube now, and instead of googling they're watching videos to learn; in the past years YouTube has also given rise to stand up comedies and similar acts. There is no doubt that people are earning off millions from the platform and being a verified channel is a big thing when 300 hours of video gets uploaded on the same platform every minute. 

Talking about verified channels and humor, I came across this YouTube channel named Jalals. It is a verified channel and uploads funny videos with all sorts of pranks. A team of just three brothers based out in Melbourne are a sensation when with only 81 videos presently on their channel; they've been able to make Jalals a verified one. And we thought to bring you the best 15 of them and while watching them, you wouldn't be able to control your laughter.

Three brothers from Melbourne.


The Jalals team is a brothers gang which has Max Jalal, 21, Arman Jalal, 19, and Rebeen Jalal, 17. According to what DailyMail says, they earn $4500 per terrorist video. Rebeen who is the youngest dropped out of school somewhere in 2016. Their Facebook page has more than 11.5 million likes and more than 42.5 million views on YouTube. 

Be careful otherwise they might jump you next!

Donald Trump will never be the same for you again.

Never believe what you see.

Would you step in such an elevator?

Watch and re-invent the horrors of your life.

You'll never play Pokemon the way you used to.

What would you do if a clown enters your car?

This is how ghosts fly!

A touch of LGBT.

The perfect kidnapping guide to grab your crush.

When you don't have anything to do.

And, when all you do is a smoke hookah.

The next level of horror movies.

Lastly, this is what you do when you want to dump a dead body.


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