President Trump Gets Trolled Hilariously On Twitter For Strangely Writing 'WE' In His Tweet

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President Trump Gets Trolled Hilariously On Twitter For Strangely Writing 'WE' In His Tweet

US President Donald Trump and his controversies are never going to end. Just when we start to believe that Donald Trump has begun to take his responsibilities seriously, certain things happen that make us believe that we were wrong to think that way.

On Saturday noon, right after delivering his commencement speech at Liberty University in Virginia, Trump, the oldest person to have become the US President, 'mistakenly' tweeted the word, "WE". And when Trump tweets something absurd, his followers make sure it becomes a trend.

The tweet with the word "WE" was live for some time, but as soon as Trump realised the goof-up, the tweet soon disappeared from his profile.

About 29 million followers in his profile quickly turned that tweet into hilarious memes. While most of the people attempted to complete what Trump meant with that tweet, many made wild guesses of whether he really wanted to express something.

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It all started after President Trump's recent commencement speech at Liberty University in Virginia.

Trump writes we in tweet

While trying to tweet something, he mistakenly ended up tweeting just one word, 'WE' and it turned into a memes competition among his followers.

Most memes applied #We to point Trump for many reasons like forgery in tax returns, possible ties to Russia and repealing of Obamacare healthcare scheme.


Here's the screenshot of the tweet for which President Trump has been trolled hilariously.

Trump writes we in tweet

Trump deleted this absurd tweet within few minutes after posting it.

Trump writes we in tweet

However, nice adults on Twitter had already taken their troll out of that tweet before it got deleted.

A US citizen Eric Shaffer tweeted that someone snatched the phone away from Trump at the right time.

One Twitterati took a very satirical take at the tweet and mentioned Sean Spicer.

Doomed, we're all doomed, one user on Twitter completed Trump's tweet.

Trump writes we in tweet

While one user completed the tweet writing, "We know Hillary won the popular vote".

Another Twitterati completed the Tweet saying, "We miss Obama."

JenNJuice completed President's tweet saying: "We are praying for impeachment everyday."

Maxine Waters had once tweeted that Trump is leading himself to impeachment.

Twitter user Beverlee Hughes commented on President Trump's tax returns.

Most of them matched his "WE" with the song lyrics.

Like this one.

Some people even called President Trump a champion.

So, that's all about 'We-We-Trump'

Eventually, he later Tweeted this. It seems he was trying to write Will and not We.

Trump is a controversy's favorite child. Every little thing he does on Twitter somehow ends up becoming a meme.

That's all, folks!


Was it a mere goof-up?