Shocking Video! Onlookers Leave Bike-rider Burn To Death In Maharashtra

Humanity doesn't exist!

Shocking Video! Onlookers Leave Bike-rider Burn To Death In Maharashtra

A deadly incident was observed on Maharashtra Highway where two bikers met with an accident with each other. But, there's more to it. After the incident took place, one of the bikers and his bike caught fire. Being a busy highway, there were a number of vehicles passing by, but no one stopped to help the rider who was wrapped in flames. 

Well, of course, there were few onlookers at the scene as they stopped and started to film the video of the man while he burned to death. Finally, the police came to his rescue and he was taken to the nearest hospital for aid. 

The man was presumed to be dead as he didn't shout out for help to the witnesses. However, the police say that the man probably didn't shout for help as he was unconscious from a head injury. Also, an investigation is going on to find out if either of the riders were carrying alcohol with them which could have been the reason for the fire. The victim is not yet identified. 

In a statement, a senior police officer said, "Since the number plates on the bike were burnt, we are unable to get much details about the victim. All we could tell from the plates was that the bike was registered in Parbhani (a town nearby). We have given the plate to the Regional Transport Office, which might be able to give more details." Have a look at the video of the man in flames and the crowd just simply watching him die.

Clearly, no difference was made to the traffic as they seemed least bothered about the man.


In the video, as you see the people filming the incident without showing any humanity towards the victim. 

Humanity is truly a subject of history.