Paresh Rawal Will Play The Lead Role In Narendra Modi's Biopic

Lights, Camera, Action!

Paresh Rawal Will Play The Lead Role In Narendra Modi's Biopic

Bollywood industry is going more and more biopic centric when you see a lot of movies based on the lives of legendary personalities of the country. 

It seems that one of the actor-politicians will now be acting in the biopic of another politician. Paresh Rawal who has been known for his tremendous acting skills and sense of humour will be the one to portray a politician's life. But who?

You'll be seeing a biopic on Narendra Modi soon! Surprised, well, Paresh Rawal was recently asked for a confirmation about the biopic. Baabu Bhai was approached through the micro-blogging website Twitter about the same. It was confirmed when he was asked about his involvement in PM Modi ji's biopic and replied "yes".

It looks as if our Prime Minister will be making history again and that too, it will be in the world of Bollywood.

There's still one doubt.


But 99% surety!

But 99% surety!

The rumours were there in the year 2014 also, when according to India Today Paresh Rawal confirmed 99% that he'll play the role of Narendra Modi.

Do you look forward to Narendra Modi's biopic?