Can You Guess The Name Of These Popular Brands?

They are not as easy as you think!

Can You Guess The Name Of These Popular Brands?

We have changed our clothing habits since brands have become affordable and accessible. People judge others on what they wear, what they carry etc. The world has become pretentious and we have to catch up with them.

Shopping acts like a stress buster for many though. There are some people who only shop from high end brands. Their casual T Shirts are nothing less than Ralph Lauren or Lacoste. But are you that brand conscious? Are you a Gucci or a Prada baby? Is your phone cover a Chanel? If the answer to all these questions are a "Yes," then you are brand conscious.  

We have become so addicted to brands, we have become ignorant of how their logos look or what they signify. Are you loyal to these common brands?

Can you guess the name of the brand, after looking at these incomplete depictions of their logos? 

Take this quiz and find out!