A Couple Tried To Steal The Gas And What Happened Next Is Shocking (Video)

OMG! You need to watch this video. 

A Couple Tried To Steal The Gas And What Happened Next Is Shocking (Video)

Stealing is a crime, and if you get caught while stealing something as expensive as gas, may God save you.

This woman was trying to take gas without paying for it while her partner in crime was behind the wheel in the car, waiting for her to finish the job.

A sharp-eyed attendant, who noticed that the pair is stealing petrol, shouted at them. The driver panicked and drove off the car immediately, ripping the hose out of the gas pump. As he drove off the car with speed, his woman partner was left hanging in the air. Literally!

The incident occurred at Mt Warren Park Caltex petrol pump station in Brisbane in Australia recently. 

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Look at the woman trying to steal gas and pretending to be an honest customer. 

women stealing gas


But they saw they were caught, as an attendant passed through. 

woman stealing gas

The guy suddenly drove the car. 

The guy suddenly drove the car. 

And the girl was left flying. 

woman stealing gas

I know this seems like a really funny incident but it is not. 

woman stealing gas

Wonder, why they had to do something like this? 

Watch the entire video here: 

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The male partner cared for the woman. Comment.