Six Times Frank Underwood Unleashed Terror 

"Such a waste of time, he chose money over power!"

Six Times Frank Underwood Unleashed Terror 

Truth is supposed to be stranger than fiction except when it comes to House of Cards. I've been binge watching House of Cards ever since it began, and I'm totally hooked. The story revolves around Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), an American power hungry politician who wants to become the President at any cost.
Frank, a multi-faceted personality, can be cold, cunning and knows exactly what to do to get what he wants. His mind works almost like a machine, he is known to be very effective at what he sets his sights onto.
As ruthless as one can get, he indulges in corruption, plays mind-games and unleashes terror throughout the TV series. He can act jolly and become caring to people just to gain their trust, but he does not mind ruining their lives or even killing them to serve his own personal goals.

A bad ass President like him is hard to imagine but intriguing to watch.

1. The time he kills Peter Russo

1. The time he kills Peter Russo

Frank Underwood cunningly convinces Peter Russo, a troubled alcoholic, to run for the post of Governor. He questions his loyalty and abuses it, in order to become the Vice President himself. 

He then asked his right-hand Doug to ruin the election campaign for Peter. 

He eventually left Peter to suffocate on poisonous carbon monoxide in his own car and makes it look like a suicide.


2. The time he kills Zoe Barnes 

2. The time he kills Zoe Barnes 

An ambitious upcoming journalist, Zoe Barnes, starts a mutually beneficial relationship with Frank Underwood to advance both their careers. However, after Peter Russo's death, things begin to change, as Zoe starts suspecting Frank's involvement in Peter's death.


Frank wastes no time in throwing Zoe out of the show!


Wow, that was some crazy shit. 

3. The time he gets Lucas condemned to prison 

House of Cards

The only person who knew about Frank's dirty tactics and his role in killing Russo and was Lucas (Zoe's boyfriend). Frank asks Doug to set up a sting operation which makes Lucas commit a cybercrime leading him to face imprisonment for 10 years!



4. The time he made President Walker Resign 

4. The time he made President Walker Resign 

Frank used his political schemes to blackmail the President and makes him resign from his position so as to take control of his place. President Garrett Walker remains unaware of all the well planned sneaky moves by Frank all this while.


Well played Mr Underwood, well played.


*Slow claps*

5. When he gets Xander Feng killed 

5. When he gets Xander Feng killed 

After becoming the President, Frank exposes Xander Feng's corrupt business activities to the Chinese Government to resolve the conflict between the US and China. Feng, now a felon in China, gets his immunity annulled in the US and has to return back to his country. The punishment for his crimes is stiffer in China than in the US. It even could be a death penalty as we never got to see Xander Feng again.



6. When he threatens to kill the Secretary of State. 

6. When he threatens to kill the Secretary of State. 

 After Claire decides that she wants to become the vice president, Frank threatens to kill Catherine Durant (already a nominee for the vice presidency). Catherine Durant refuses to step down and Underwood tells her about how dangerous Claire and he can be. He also confesses to the murder of Peter Russo and Zoe Barnes and then threatens to kill her if she doesn't hand over the position to Claire. Durant, out of fear agrees with Frank's decision.


What a badass!

The time he quoted "We make the terror"

The time he quoted

 The statement by Frank Underwood was enough to give me goosebumps head to toe!


Season five picks up right where the previous one left off with Frank battling in a close election while maintaining a personal and political life with Claire, played by Robin Wright.


Good news for us HOC fanatics!


Frank Underwood has already knocked the doors with House of Cards Zee Cafe Season 5!


This home-made terror will soon take over the world. So, grab a tub of popcorn and get ready for some legendary Underwood action.

Were you already waiting eagerly for the Season 5 of House of Cards?