This Is How A Woman Who Dropped 169 Pounds Has Transformed

Can you guess what she looks like now? 

This Is How A Woman Who Dropped 169 Pounds Has Transformed

Kaylee Bonnett had always been overweight. Ever since her childhood, she weighed heavier than what should have been her ideal weight. Her highest being 481 pounds, she had self-esteem issues and health complications due to her weight as well. High school wasn't a good time for her because she would face a lot of bullying from the other kids. She started hating life because it became such a struggle for her. 

Not just that, her body size was seriously becoming a burden for her. Kaylee also suffered from high blood pressure and pre-Diabetes pretty early in her 20s. She was warned by her doctor that she could land up in a lot of trouble if she didn't change her lifestyle. She wanted to get gastric bypass surgery, but apparently, her weight was too much so she didn't qualify for it either. 

From there, her journey started. Let's find out what Kaylee looks like now. 

That's Kaylee and her husband. 



She weighed about 300 pounds on her wedding day. Kaylee never thought being overweight could lead to such terrible health consequences. Sure, she weighed higher than the normal amount, but when she started suffering from health problems, she couldn't take it any longer. She had to act now or else it would be too late. 

This was her body. 


She began to suffer from co-morbidities due to her weight at a very early age. 

Kaylee decided to get a gastric bypass done. 


For this surgery, Kaylee had to lose at least 30 pounds by herself to get approval. 

She planned to take action. 


She started focusing on her diet which included lower calorie intake, high protein, no carbs, and lots of exercise. 

She also recorded her progress. 


She would post photos on her social media accounts to tell the world how proud she was to be losing those pounds. 

Kaylee lost 70 pounds! 


By the time the date of the surgery came up, Kaylee had lost 70 pounds only in the span of 5 months! 

She experienced a lot of pain. 


After the surgery, Kaylee experienced a lot of pain and discomfort. But that didn't stop her. She continued with her workout regime and her diet because she wanted to lose more weight. 

She limited her calorie intake even more. 


She cut down on sugars from her diet and eliminated fats altogether. Her calorie intake was strictly only 800 per day. 

This is what she looks like now. 


She still hasn't reached her ideal weight which is 225 pounds, but she's gonna get there soon enough. 

She's enjoying the fruits of her labor. 


She attends CrossFit classes and is very strict about her diet. But Kaylee seems to be enjoying her new look after losing the excess weight. 

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Will you ever diet to shed down those extra calories you have gained?