This Is How Delhi BJP Chief Manoj Tiwari's Life Got Saved After A Murder Threat

A coincidence saved him!

This Is How Delhi BJP Chief Manoj Tiwari's Life Got Saved After A Murder Threat

What were you doing last night? Yes, away from the house in a party. So was Delhi BJP Chief Manoj Tiwari. A parliamentarian's life who owns one of the houses at North Avenue would've been at risk if this didn't happen. We cannot ignore the fact that Tiwari is a family man along with being a part of Modi government making him a rival of many.
Also, with the winning spree, BJP has been on ever since they came in power, people like Manoj happen to be in the limelight for a lot many reasons. Being a political head, people know where the Chief lives but even an area as secure as the neighborhood of Rashtrapati Bhawan couldn't prevent from what happened on the night of April 30.
The following which happened at around 2 O'clock in the night will tell you what saved his life.

Manoj's car gets hit

Manoj’s car gets hit

While Mr. Manoj Tiwari's driver was driving his car out of the house, an accident took place in which he hits another vehicle and a heated argument takes place. The hit Wagon R was occupied by two brothers. Manoj's driver too had another staff member with him in the car. Following the car accident, the occupants of the car went on to call 3-4 people who then became partners in crime by invading the private property of the BJP chief. MP's personal assistant and the cook present inside the house at the time were hurt by the intruders.


FIR request rejected

FIR request rejected

Thereafter, when calls were made to the police control room, the situation was contained and both the parties were called to the police station, taking in the 5 invaders. The staff of Manoj's house identified Jai Kumar, 38, and his brother Jaswant, 33, and arrested later. The police refused to file any complaint from the arrested against the MP because they should've contacted the police before taking law in their hands.

Delhi's deputy commissioner

Delhi’s deputy commissioner

According to HT, Braja Kishor Singh, New Delhi's deputy commissioner of police said, "The occupants of the Wagon R called three to four their associates and they together followed Tiwari's car and entered the premises. Someone from Tiwari's staff called the police control room and informed about the attack. A police team rushed and nabbed five men. Both parties were brought to the police station. They (occupants of the Wagon R) should have called the police. We would have taken action against Tiwari's driver. But since they took law in their hand, we registered a case against them".  

Alleged involvement of police uniform

The invaders (Jai and Jaswant) reside nearby Manoj's place in government quarters of Rashtrapati Bhawan. Manoj says that surveillance video shows the people coming in at 1.15 A.M. uninvited and as told by a close acquaintance, the count was 8 – 10. He wasn't at home when the incident took place but after reaching there at around 2 - 2.30 A.M., he was also told that one of the assaulters was wearing a police uniform.