Sonu Nigam Now Uploads A Video Showing The Morning Azaan That Disturbs Him

After getting bald, this is what he has for everyone!

Sonu Nigam Now Uploads A Video Showing The Morning Azaan That Disturbs Him

Sonu Nigam's recent outrage about being bothered by the Azaan every morning has taken the route of a wildfire. 

In his recent Twitter update, Sonu Nigam shared a short clip which depicted the loud prayers in the early hours of a morning. The Azaan prayers were being conducted on a loudspeaker which disturbed the residents, including Sonu Nigam, in that area. 

Here are some weird updates made by Sonu Nigam on the subject. 

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Sonu Nigam shaved his head. 

Sonu Nigam shaved his head. 

In order to show his dedication to the protest, Sonu Nigam decided to shave his head as well. This proved that he's definitely serious about the entire situation. 


It all started with this

Sonu Nigam simply wanted the loudspeakers to be stopped for the Azaan prayers every morning because it disturbed him. 

Many celebs came out in support. 

Many felt that it was obvious that Sonu Nigam was making a valid point. 

The controversy continued

As fans and supporters chose their respective sides, people on Twitter started a Twitter war on the same.

The tweet attracted mixed reactions!

They talked about democracy and being able to live in harmony with fellow humans. Fans also talked about Sonu Nigam being able to afford insulators so that he can make his walls sound-proof. Does that make sense?

This is what he shared

This update was made last night. It is clear that the Azaan prayers are utilizing loudspeakers.
What's your reaction on this?

Some even made valid arguments. 

Sonu Nigam is in no mood to step down from his stand. Which side are you on? 

Do you stand in the support of Sonu?